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Fox Asks - Have The Democrats Finally Gone Too Far?

Reported by Donna - July 13, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live (12 - 1 p.m.) with Bob Sellers substituting for Bill Hemmer, there was a segment that a commercial was going out by the Democrats (they never made clear exactly who made the commercial) that was shamelessly showing the flag draped coffins of our U.S. soldiers.

A banner ran across the bottom saying, 'Have the Democrats Finally Gone Too Far?' (Comment: I highly doubt there has ever been a time that Fox has asked, 'Have the Republicans Finally Gone Too Far?")

The segment included Rich Lowry from the National Review who agreed that this was in bad taste. He added that whenever the Democrats want to honor our soldiers they want to show them dead. (Comment: And what is wrong with honoring our dead soldiers?)

Sellers went on and on about how it showed Tom Delay's mug shot with the prisoner number of 091108GOP underneath it and said how he guessed there wouldn't be a mug shot of Clinton on this commercial. (Comment: I found the Tom Delay mug shot was ingeneous and I wouldn't have noticed the prisoner number typed underneath until Sellers pointed it out)

Rich Klein from the Boston Globe said that both sides will settle it with the ballot.

Comment; The indignation of Sellers was so overblown as to be funny. He acted as if the Republicans had never used our soldiers or citizens in their commercials. Think George W. Bush and most Republicans and 9/11? Think of George W. Bush landing on an aircraft carrier with the Mission Accomplished banner?

Looks like we might be waiting many years to get the 'Have the Republicans Finally Gone Too Far?' story on Fox.