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O'Reilly Fears Air America's Youthful Energy

Reported by Deborah - July 12, 2006 -

O'Reilly did another segment last night about the "demise" of Air America .Maybe there's another reason besides Air America's Progressive voice that causes him to fixate on it's death. News that the average age of O'Reilly's audience is 71 might be making him just a little nervous. Is the "culture warrior" out of touch?

comment: Once you get past O'Reilly's bluster and outrageous distortions, all that's left are segments about the same topics over and over again. It's the far left media, Bush haters, bad judges, gay issues, treasonous Democrats, a little crime and sex covered nightly. The Factor is downright tedious.

Compare the energy of The Factor to Olberman's Countdown and it's obvious which show has a more contemporary and hipper voice. Olberman's show is interesting, fun, irreverant, and informative. O'Reilly rarely provides viewers with new information. It's always the same old outrage repackaged but always the same. O'Reilly has lost his appeal and he knows it.