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Ann Coulter Blows Joe Lieberman Another Kiss

Reported by Melanie - July 12, 2006 -

Ann Coulter was a guest again today (July 12, 2006) on Fox's "premiere business news program," Your World w/Cavuto. It was Coulter's fourth visit since June 8, which would mean she is appearing every 8.75 days. Some "business news," huh?

Anyway, at one point during the discussion, Cavuto asked Coulter about Joe Lieberman:

All right. Now, meanwhile, Lieberman. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. None of the prominent Democrats have come out to, you know, play him on...

Coulter, interrupting:



...[I]n the Connecticut Democratic primary. What do you make of that?


It shows you where the current Democratic party is...the base is crazy. They have to run crazy people. You see what the base is doing to the one sane Democrat who wants to fight the war on terror? He's getting a primary. He has, you know, Barbra Streisand openly supporting his opponent in a Democratic primary. Um, he's a former, he was running as Al Gore's vice president!

Comment: Ned Lamont is "crazy people" and today being Al Gore's running mate is a good thing. Coulter must be desperate to see Lieberman win (she endorsed him on Cavuto's show on June 22) if she'll stoop to speaking kindly of Al Gore, a man she said was "clinically insane" last April. Oy vey. Oh, and memo to Cavuto: What does "play him on" mean?