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Jerrick Displays Budget Ignorance Again

Reported by Judy - July 11, 2006 -

Recently, "Dayside" co-host Mike Jerrick made accounting history by referring to a surplus in the federal budget under President Clinton as a "deficit on the plus side." On Tuesday (July 11, 2006), Jerrick was back defending George Bush's tax cuts, displaying his ignorance once again.

"Dayside" was so thrilled with Bush's announcement that the deficit may only be $296 billion this year that it had three segments on the topic.

The first was supposed to be an interview with Al Hubbard, White House director of the National Economic Council, on the news of the deficit dipping below $300 billion due to higher tax revenues five years after the Bush tax cuts. Jerrick attempted to impersonate a journalist and asked the hard-hitting question, "Does it all go back to the tax cuts, to the wisdom of the tax cuts?"

Why does Fox News even bother paying people to interview the White House staff if they're going to ask questions like that? Why not just slash the salary budget and set up a camera and microphone on the White House lawn so that random White House staffers can come by and say something good about their boss whenever they feel like it and Fox News can just run it uncut? Jerrick serves no purpose whatsoever journalistically except to provide a link between the audience in the studio and whoever happens to be at the microphone.

Later on, Hubbard made a comment about Democrats complaining about problems and not helpling to solve them. Jerrick, and his sidekick Juliet Huddy, never bothered to point out that Bush and his party control both houses of Congress. If Bush can't rustle up a majority in each chamber to pass his legislation, he should not expect the Democrats to do it for him. Yet both Huddy and Jerrick let the remark slide without pointing out that Republicans are in control, not Democrats.

During their one-hour show, Jerrick and Huddy came back to the deficit story twice, once with a report from Molly Henneberg, which provided little new information, and then with a debate with Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading, and Robert Greenstein, director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Greenstein did a good job of knocking down Flynn's happy talk about all the good the tax cuts have done for the economy and for tax revenues. "Economic growth, job growth, wage and salary growth and investment growth are all below average for post-World War II recoveries. The deficit is high for the 5th year of an economic recovery, and even though the tax revenues are higher than last year, all they are is back to where they were 5 years ago on a per person basis," he said.

Immediately after Greenstein finished talking about tax revenues, Jerrick asked, "Are you factoring in the war on terror expenses here?"

"We're talking about revenue levels," pointed out Greenstein.

"Revenue" is another one of those words Jerrick has trouble with, like "budget surplus."

Maybe Jerrick should stick to the Hooters stories.