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Hume Attacks the New York Times and Valerie Plame in One Breath

Reported by Janie - July 11, 2006 -

During last night's (7/10) "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment on Special Report with Brit Hume, Hume attacked an article published by the Washington Post defending the recent New York Times article discussing the obvious fact the United States monitors terrorist financing. In the same 30-second snippet, Hume was not only able to attack the New York Times, but outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame as well.

Under the banner reading "European Backlash 'Has Not Happened'?" Hume, in his best Droopy impersonation said,

"The deans of five prominent journalism schools say The New York Times' decision to publish details of the U.S. program to track terrorist financing was "in the public interest" since it exposed what they call the president's claims to 'almost limitless powers.'

Deans at Harvard, Northwestern, USC, Berkeley, and Columbia dismissed the government's concern that banks might stop cooperating with terror investigators in a Washington Post article, saying, "that apparently has not happened," even as the European Parliament demanded that governments disclose what they knew about the program, and the Belgian prime minister ordered an investigation.

Comment: Cooperation has NOT ended, but Hume apparently thinks the EU has no right to know what's going on in their member nations. It seems, according to Hume's logic, that the United States should be given carte blanche to do whatever it wants, even within foreign nations without their knowledge.

The EU is not looking to end the program, it (just like most Americans) is looking for oversight. According to the Los Angeles Times:

"The U.S. program, revealed last month by this and other U.S. newspapers, 'could give rise to large-scale forms of economic and industrial espionage,' the Parliament said."

The EU wants the United States to stick to monitoring terrorists, and guarantee that average European citizens aren't getting caught up in the same information net.

Hume finished, "But the deans insist there are situations where the press should remain silent, saying there was 'no justification' for unmasking Valerie Plame as a 'covert CIA officer.' This despite the fact Plame turned out to have played a key role in getting her husband Joe Wilson the CIA assignment that led to his celebrated criticism of the Bush administration on Iraq."

Comment: What rational logic! It's ok, according to Hume, to commit treason by outing a covert CIA operative in the name of political retribution. Hume says this in his typical meandering fashion, but that is precisely what he stated.

You can view the Washington Post article (which, in fact, is an excellent one) here.