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FOX News Hypes World War III

Reported by Ellen - July 11, 2006 -

FOX News is so eager for another war that only hawkish guests were allowed during the top story on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/10/06), a discussion that conveniently lumped together North Korea, Iran and the terrorist plot against New York City. A question on the screen asked, “Is the World on the brink of World War III?”

The two guests were G. Gordon Liddy and Bill Gertz of the Washington Times. Liddy insisted to Alan Colmes that the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war is not failing, and that “We’re spreading (democracy) certainly in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Gertz said “I think the good news out of Japan is that they’re adopting the Bush doctrine, the notion of pre-emption. They’re recognizing that diplomacy is not going to protect them from a missile strike from North Korea. And they’re talking about changing their Constitution so that they can take action.” I wonder how many of his friends and relatives have enlisted so that they can share in that “good news.”

Sean Hannity said, “Let’s go to the options. We know the UN is impotent. We know Russia and China up to this point, they’re not willing to help. The Japanese saying that they’re ready to pre-empt – act pre-emptively, seems to me the only message that will work here. In other words, peace through strength once again.”

Gertz concurred. “Absolutely. That’s the course of action to be taken. We’re hearing over and over again this notion of we’ve got to let diplomacy work. We’ve seen diplomacy fail in Iran, I think it’s failing in North Korea. And I think it’s time to start using some pressure. I think they ought to call for an open policy of regime change both in Iran and North Korea.”

Liddy invoked the “the late great President Ronald Reagan” as proof that “cowboy diplomacy” really works.

Hannity not only agreed, a lack of appetite for another war meant the country might be going too soft. “Are we losing our nerve a little bit as a nation in terms of dealing…?”

Gertz complained that Rumsfeld and Cheney were too quiet during Bush’s second term while “the career bureaucrats seem to be dominating policy.”

Through most of Hannity's portion of the discussion, the screen read, “Has WWIII begun?” If it hasn’t, FOX News is doing its best to ensure that it will – with other people’s kids to do the fighting, no doubt.

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