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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of July 3rd

Reported by Janie - July 10, 2006 -

Last week's Outrageous Quote winner was virtually a landslide. Brian Kilmeade garnered 58% of the vote for suggesting the United States ignore the 1st Amendment and establish an "Office of Censorship" to approve newspaper articles:

"See, I'm more into the ends justifying the means. And what they do is you can sunset this, Judge. The same way they have the Patriot Act sunsetted. You put up the Office of Censorship. You get a consensus to journalists to analyze and then you realize what FDR realized early. Winning is everything. Freedom is -- you don't have any freedom if the Nazis are the victors. You have no one to trade with if Western Europe falls. That's the reality. You're in love with the law, but I'm in love with survival." - Brian Kilmeade arguing for an "Office of Censorship" on Fox News Radio's Brian & The Judge, 6/29/06

Let's all hope Kilmeade takes off for China, where he will apparently feel right at home. For this week's choice selection, take a look below the fold!

Option A: "Is Kim Jong Il planning a second Pearl Harbor?", Teaser for upcoming Hannity & Colmes interview, read by Alan Colmes, 7/7/06

Option B: "But then God gave us all these, you know, incredibly gifted scientists - yeah, and technology - that can change it for people." - Kiran Chetry

"I know, but sometimes they use their powers for evil." - Megyn Kendall, FOX News Legal Analyst, discussing the story about the 60-year-old woman giving birth to twins through artificial insemination, FOX & Friends First, 7/3/06

Option C: "Then why should the Clinton administration?" - Julie Banderas responding to Terry Holt's claim that King Jong Il doesn't care about his citizens, The Big Story, 7/6/06

Option D: "I have an intelligence briefing every morning, except for Sunday." - George Bush appearing on CNN's Larry King Live, 7/7/06

Option E: "We are going to be bombed. We’re going to be bombed. The stock market, you can say goodbye to it. You can say hello anarchy when that happens.” - Mike Norman on North Korea, The Big Story, 7/8/06