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O'Reilly Calls Grieving Mother "Opposite Of Cindy Sheehan"

Reported by Deborah - July 10, 2006 -

Ryan Cummings, a soldier killed in Iraq, was singled out during the Bush press conference in Chicago. Tonight Bill O'Reilly interviewed the soldier's mother,Janice Cummings, describing her as the "opposite of Cindy Sheehan" and then asked for her opinion of Sheehan. 7/10/06

Mrs. Cummings told O'Reilly that she was informed of the plan to mention her son a day before the press conference. He asked her what her son had said about his experience in Iraq. Cummings said he didn't say much because he didn't want them to worry but she knew that he believed in what he was doing.

When O'Reilly asked Cummings about Cindy Sheehan, she was ready with just the right answer that would smear Sheehan indirectly.
" I can't speak for Cindy Sheehan. Ryan believed in what he was doing. If I was to protest against what he believed in, I would see it as a betrayl of his memory."

Then O'Reilly wrapped it up neatly asking Cummings what her son believed he was accomplishing in Iraq. Once again she was ready with a tidy list mentioning helping the Iraqis; spreading democracy and stopping the insurgents.

comment:This segment was vile even by O'Reilly standards. O'Reilly not only tried to diminish Cindy Sheehan's grief, he also questioned her love for her son and respect for his memory. To even consider pitting these two mothers against each other is disgraceful. They share the same pain but have chosen to deal with it differently. O'Reilly is so obsessed with Left/Right polarities, he can no longer acknowledge a unified American consciousness.