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Kasich Leaks National Security Secrets – Is This Treason?

Reported by Chrish - July 9, 2006 -

In interviewing two terror tracking women on Heartland yesterday 7/8/06, John Kasich might have exposed some important security secrets and, in the process, tipped off Al-Qaeda! He did a segment previewed as “neighborhood moms spending their spare time tracking terrorists” while the chyron read, “moms tracking terror.” Introducing the two women, Laura Mansfield and Annie Triton, Kasich described them as “moms by day who are terrorist trackers .. .who volunteer their time” to track terror. (Comment: as he said this, terrorists everywhere were taking notes and preparing strategy.)

Kasich began his interview with the first mom, Laura Mansfield, by saying again this is a “mom by day who is busting terrorists.” She presented herself as one of a group of “volunteers” (chyron read “18 volunteers track terrorism”) but in Googling her name, she is listed at the Strategic Translations and Analysis website, an organization that provides Arabic translations, including Bin Ladin’s, for corporate and government groups.

She is described as someone who has lived in the Middle East and who has worked with American embassies in that part of the word. The biographical blurb further notes that she is currently Assistant Director and Senior Analyst of the Northeast Intelligence Network – a group founded by Douglas Hagmann, a frequent contributor to Horowitz’s FrontPageMag. She described how she goes into Yahoo chat rooms and (as an Arabic speaker) translates jihad messages into English. Ms. Mansfield has written a number of books, the most recent being "One Nation Under Allah." It is cited on numerous right wing sites, including Free Republic. She stated that her organization has stopped a number of Middle-eastern terror plots and suicide bombings. Kasich ended the interview by saying that, as evidenced by her book, she is part of a group of people who are “doing something.”

Kasich then interviewed the second woman, Annie Triton, who appeared in profile for “security reasons.” (Comment: in case Al-Qaeda was watching Heartland!) She is part of the Phoenix Global Intelligence Network, which according to its website is an “organization made up of dedicated and talented individuals from around the globe. Phoenix Intelligence provides real time terrorist information, intelligence and strategic analysis to law enforcement and military agencies in the United States and other nations.”

Triton explained how her group monitors terrorists and coordinates with law enforcement, military, and government.

Comment: Is this an example of Kasich’s total lack of preliminary research or is it a blatant piece of Fox doing yet another misleading piece of propaganda disguised as “journalism?” What is clear is that neither of these two women were merely heartland “moms” doing volunteer work. They are both experienced professionals who are earning a paycheck from tracking terrorism. Although there is no information on Triton, Mansfield would seem to be very agenda driven, as Northeast Intelligence appears to be a very right wing operation whose directors have strong ties to right wing websites. In the annals of Fox “reporting,” this was probably one of the most disingenuous. But beyond that, didn’t Kasich expose vital security secrets used to track terrorism and thus expose the Heartland to further Al-Qaeda threats? Are we talking treason here? I’m sure the terrorists are now regrouping – and it’s all Kasich’s fault.