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Julie Banderas Not Ready For Primetime On FOX ?

Reported by Deborah - July 7, 2006 -

While interviewing David Gergen on Big Story today, Julie Banderas tried to get Gergen to criticize the advisors who helped Clinton craft his deal with North Korea in "94". Unfortunately Gergen was part of the group advising Clinton at the time. 7/7/06

Banderas opened the interview asking if it was strange that Japan was the only country to claim that North Korea's missle was headed for Hawaii. Gergen said that Japan is taking a tough stand on North Korea which he found encouraging. It's hard to say if that was the point Banderas was trying to make about Japan.

Then Banderas asked Gergen what he thought of the advice Clinton got on the deal with North Korea which she claimed later backfired. Gergen informed her that he was one of the people who worked on the deal and went on to defend it. Gergen said he had initial reservations about the deal and felt uncomfortable because it felt like a "payoff". Then he realized that the other options were so bad so he came around." It did bide us some time. They did violate it eventually. This is a rogue nation."

comment: Banderas introduced Gergen as an advisor in several administrations including Clinton's. It's hard to imagine that she didn't know that Gergen worked on the North Korean agreement with Clinton. If she knew, shouldn't she have crafted the question to Gergen differently? It appeared as if she didn't know which made her seem unprepared and unprofessional. She seemed unable to come back with any informed questions about North Korea and kept repeating , "The President says diplomacy takes time" throughout the hour. If Roger Ailes was watching today, Banderas might be stuck with crime, fluff and weekend duty for awhile.