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Eric Shawn Muddles Through Report on North Korea from U.N.

Reported by Judy - July 7, 2006 -

Eric Shawn had to switch from beating up on the United Nations to covering developing news there on Thursday (July 6, 2006) and he had a terrrible time doing it. The Fox News reporter filed a piece on "Dayside" that certainly falls short of the intensity Roger Ailes is looking for on his staff.

Shawn was reporting on the U.N. Security Council's deliberations on the North Korean missile launches. He reported that the council was unable to come up with a unified response and that its members were "divided as they have been in the past with Iraq and Iran. ... the same old suspects, the same old pattern, Russia and China basically wanting to go easier on North Korea."

That's not quite the "same old suspects" on Iraq, according to Fox News. Isn't France part of the "same old suspects" whom Fox News accuses of wanting to go soft on Iraq? Shawn lazily fell back on inaccurate phraseology rather than think of some new way to put it.

Then he quoted U.S. Ambassador John Bolton on the Security Council deliberations, claiming that Bolton said if there is a vote, "those in the majority would win." That's usually the way it works, except if Diebold is running the voting machines, but in the U.N. you can count the votes on your fingers and toes. Why bother with a quote that states the obvious?

It was a lame report on such an important topic -- just the kind of thing that happens when hack reporters try to deliver developing news without getting guidance from Karl Rove in advance.