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Brit Hume Attacking John Kerry For Supposed Hypocrisy

Reported by Janie - July 7, 2006 -

During the "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment on last night's (7/6) Special Report with Brit Hume, Hume once again attacked Senator John Kerry, while not providing all of the facts to his viewers.

During the segment, Hume turned the discussion to Senator Lieberman's (a favorite of the Republican party) struggling campaign, and took the opportunity to attack Senator John Kerry for perceived hypocrisy. Hume claimed, "Democratic Senators Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, and Ken Salazar have announced plans to campaign for their Connecticut colleague Joe Lieberman — who is fighting off a stiff challenge in the state's Democratic primary. But Senator John Kerry says he's staying neutral in the race between Lieberman and liberal challenger Ned Lamont, adding that he'll support whoever wins next month's election.

Kerry's aides explain that the senator generally stays out of contested Democratic primaries, but the Boston Globe points out that, just last month, Kerry endorsed Virginia's Jim Webb over Harris Miller in the Senate primary, raising money, recording an automated phone message, and appearing at Webb's side at a pre-election rally."

What Hume neglects to mention is WHY Kerry chose to support Webb, which is clearly articulated in the Boston Globe article:

"Brundage said the Massachusetts Democrat generally does not get involved in primaries, though Kerry has made exceptions in the past for candidates he favors. Earlier this year, he helped raise money for three Iraq war veterans who were involved in contested Democratic primaries for House seats.

Last month, Kerry endorsed Jim Webb in a race against another Democrat, Harris Miller, for the nomination for a Senate seat for Virginia. Kerry raised $32,000 for Webb via e-mailed fund-raising appeals, recorded a message for automatic calls to likely primary voters, and appeared at a Webb rally the night before the primary.

Brundage said that this year, Kerry is endorsing only candidates in contested primaries who are veterans."

Well that would definitely qualify as selective reporting in my book. Hume completely neglects to mention that Kerry is supporting veterans (which, of course, Webb is), as that wouldn't fit into the Democrat-bashing ("liberals hate the troops") Hume is trying to perfect.