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Eric Shawn Continues Berating United Nations

Reported by Donna - July 6, 2006 -

Anytime that Eric Shawn reports on the United Nations he seems to hold the institution in a kind of disdain. He eagerly reports when they've done something wrong and when they don't see things the same way as the Bush administration he goes in to his 'putting the UN down' mode.

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, Shawn reported on the UN Security Council's reaction to the missiles fired by North Korea.

Smith said that everyone on the UN Security Council wanted to stop the North Korean missile tests - all of them. However he said there is a big dispute in how to get that done.

Eric Shawn came on and said that the UN Security Council is supposed to deal with threats to peace and security. However, he said, as of right now it's been 48 hours since missiles were launched and members are still arguing about what to say and how to say it.

Then Shawn said (with disdain), "This seems to be a familiar and sad pattern here at the United Nations." (My emphasis) Shawn continued, "As Russia and China seem to give the agressors the break. We've seen it with Saddam Hussein's Iraq and with the continuing crisis over Iran."

He went on to say that Russia and China want to have a presidential statement like they did in 1998, but that this statement was seem as a widely broad and "not so strong" statement. (My emphasis)

Comment: Eric Shawn is the correspondant that Fox uses when it comes to the UN and I've never seen a favorable report for the UN by him. His job seems to be to put down the UN whenever he can, even when he's wrong. When he said that Russia and China gave Saddam the "break" -- weren't they the correct ones? Hasn't it been proven that there were no WMD's, no nuclear capability, no 9/11 connection and certainly no Iraqi aggression towards the U.S.?

But the UN, like the ACLU, will never get a favorable shake from Fox. Once they have it in their minds that it might go against the Bush administration, Fox will continue it's wide disdain for that particular group.