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Plain Talk From Wesley Clark About North Korea On FOX

Reported by Deborah - July 5, 2006 -

Wesley Clarke spoke very clearly to John Kasich, subbing for O'Reilly tonight, about the situation we're facing in North Korea. Kasich tried his best to cloud the issues at hand with the FOX blame Clinton tactic but Clark wouldn't let Kasich get away with it. 7/5/06

Wesley Clark told Kasich , " The world's a dangerous place". He assured Kasich that North Korea is a definite threat and " war could occur through an accident or miscalculation." When Clark emphasized their need for recognition, Kasich tried to blame Clinton saying that in "94" we talked, made a deal and they cheated. Earlier in the first segment, Kasich asked, " Did the Clinton Administration blow this?"

Clark continued with his suggested course of action urging direct talks under the table using incentives and threats. He also suggested a nuclear reactor for energy in a demilitarized zone where it could be monitored. Kasich tried to nail Clinton again noting that the same agreements were made in "94" during the Clinton Administration. Kasich added that that William Perry, Clinton's Secretary of Defense, wanted to bomb the missles. "How long can we talk?", Kasich asked. Clark quickly rejected any reckless notions warning Kasich that if the North Korean government implodes we'd be left with millions of starving and volatile people.

When Kasich tried to put the responsibility in China's lap, Clark quickly disagreed, "We're the ones with power." "We hold the trump card." He added that we were moving in the right direction and only after the 2000 election did things start to break down. Kasich jumped after that comment trying to steer Clark from the truth but Clark interrupted pleasantly but very emphatically, " I need to make this point!" Clark made it clear that Clinton had things under control in North Korea and Kasich knew his partisan ploys were worthless.

After Clark's segment, there was a Fox News Alert announcing that more missles had been spotted in North Korea on the runway ready to launch.