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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of June 26th

Reported by Janie - July 3, 2006 -

Last week's Outrageous Quote needed to be split in two, since Fox seemed to be on a rampage the previous week, giving us entry after entry. The quotes were indeed so outrageous, we have not two winners this week, but three thanks to a tie!

Our first winner was former "Good Day Philadelphia" personality, Mike Jerrick, showing us he either doesn't understand economics - or that Fox isn't allowed to use the word "surplus" when referring to President Clinton: “2001, President Bush takes over for Bill Clinton. The deficit was at 236 billion, the plus side.”

The second winner was Mancow Muller (of the San Fransisco stupidity) with, "I am so sick of Hillary, you know, and now she's a wolf in sheep's clothing tryin' to act like she's movin' to the center. She isn't. I am so sick of these people cheering every time one of our guys dies. These people are ghoulish. They want our soldiers to die because it, it helps them. It helps their approval rating. These people are evil."

And our third and final winner was Ret. Gen. Thomas McInerney, who insanely cried, "I believe Haditha is a hoax."

Here are this week's options:

Option A: "See, I'm more into the ends justifying the means. And what they do is you can sunset this, Judge. The same way they have the Patriot Act sunsetted. You put up the Office of Censorship. You get a consensus to journalists to analyze and then you realize what FDR realized early. Winning is everything. Freedom is -- you don't have any freedom if the Nazis are the victors. You have no one to trade with if Western Europe falls. That's the reality. You're in love with the law, but I'm in love with survival." - Brian Kilmeade arguing for an "Office of Censorship" on Fox News Radio's Brian & The Judge, 6/29/06

Option B: "In a way, we are at war with Mexico... Mexico is aiding and abetting an invasion of this country." - Rep. Tom Tancredo, Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/06

Option C: "When we start talking about immigration - and actually as long as I've been talking about it, I've been trying to emphasize that there really are enormous ramifications of massive immigration along with something else that's happening inside the United States. I call it the Cult of Multiculturalism that has really begun to permeate our society - every aspect of it - schools, the New York Times, textbooks, the library systems, all kinds of things are affected by it. And then, and then when you add massive amount (sic) of immigration, both legal and illegal as a matter of fact, of people who don't necessarily want to be American. They come here for a job and for a better life but not necessarily to disconnect from the country of origin or from the language that they were speaking. This is very dangerous, when you put this all together." - Tom Tancredo, FOX & Friends, 6/27/06

Option D: "We're not the only ones facing the image crisis. You look at France. French culture is very difficult to find in many parts of that country these days. You look at England. Curry - Indian food - is now the number one food. Fish and chips (makes sweeping gesture with right arm) - gone!" - E. D. Hill, FOX & Friends, 6/27/06

Option E: "When you watch TV, do you like watching a lightning rod personality like Star Jones? You love her. You hate her. She's always saying these sort of inflammatory things or do you want to see somebody competent?" - Alisyn Camerota, FOX & Friends First, 6-30-06