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Just Plain Stupid & Partisan Remaks & A Gratuitous Sex Photo Op On Fox News Live

Reported by Donna - July 3, 2006 -

On Fox News Live today (12 - 1 p.m.) with Bob Sellers substituting for Bill Hemmer, he seemed to not be able to contain himself as to the ridiculous and partisan remarks coming out of his mouth.

In a segment on how impossible it was going to be for Democrats to win in 2008, he said, "You look at things that the Democrats, Democrats really don't define themselves other than not Bush."

But he didn't stop there, he had more.

When talking during a segment about a terrorist meeting site on the website he said, snidely, "The New York Times hasn't told us yet (and then he snickered!)................" (Comment: Implying that the NY Times hadn't leaked the information so we didn't know yet what exactly was going on with the government trying to find out about the website.

When talking about shutting down this website which is set outside the U.S. "Well, China has no problems in shutting things down."

In the same piece on the terrorist website he actually asked the question, "If you're on this site and you're even saying that you hate the United States, is that prosecutable?" Of course he was told, no, that wasn't prosecutable.

Besides the ridiculous remarks Fox News Live made sure they got in several pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini and other sexy shots and Sellers said he was just going to keep his mouth shut.

Comments: If only he had kept his mouth shut during the broadcast he could have spared himself a lot of humiliation. I don't know how he got the substtution job, but these remarks aren't even indicative of an unexperienced journalism student, it was embarassing and uncomfortable to watch.