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Israel Bombing Palestinian Targets

Reported by Marie Therese - July 1, 2006 -

BREAKING NEWS: As I was posting this article, FOX News announced at Israel has bombed the Palestinian Prime Minister's office building, which is now on fire. Mike Tobin from Gaza just reported that "the Israelis are picking off targets at will."

This morning on Fox & Friends Weekend host Kiran Chetry reported: "It all seemed to go downhill when Hamas actually won the democratic election that was held there in the Palestinian territories. Hamas - responsible for killing more than 250 Israelis in suicide bomb attacks. A terror group - called a terror group worldwide - is now the people in charge over there and so, of course, that was gonna cause problems with Israel and now Israel is saying that, if this prisoner - Israeli soldier - is not returned, that they will assassinate the Prime Minister."

When the political arm of Hamas was first elected by popular democratic vote by the Palestinians, the single question most asked by FOX News analysts went something like this: "What will the Bush administration do, now that a democratic process has produced a leadership that we do not like?"

In the past week we've seen the Bush administration's answer to any country that does not elect a government that they approve of.

First, cut off all foreign aid, hoping that this will starve the people and ruin their economy, so that they will overthrow their duly-elected leadership.

When that plan fails and a crisis occurs in which you might act as a broker in a sensitive negotiation, look the other way and do nothing.

When the more powerful of the two opponents amasses an army, blockades the other, destroys three bridges and knocks out 42% of its enemy's electricity, look the other way and do nothing.

When the stronger of the two opponents openly threatens to commit an illegal act of political murder, look the other way and do nothing.

Such behavior does not surprise me coming from the Bush administration. In fact there are times I doubt the Department of State has anyone on staff with sufficient expertise in complex negotiation to broker a ham sandwich, let alone a complicated prisoner exhange.

What shocks and saddens me, however, is the deafening silence on the part of the world's religious leaders.

If there is not an immediate intervention by some force greater than the combined forces facing each other across the Gaza strip, the world could easily see the beginning of the next worldwide conflagration, one that will seriously alter the international balance of power and change the way everyday Americans live their lives.