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Impeachment Supporter Criticized By Both Hannity And Colmes

Reported by Ellen - July 1, 2006 -

Berkeley, California City Councilman Gordon Wozniak appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/30/06) to discuss Berkeley’s public referendum on impeachment. Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity formed a tag team of disapproval. Kudos to Councilman Wozniak, who just became our newest top dog, for keeping his cool and delivering his criticism of Bush despite both hosts’ efforts to stop him.

Alan Colmes seemed to deliberately avoid discussing any reasons that Bush should be impeached. Instead, Colmes devoted his portion of the discussion to disagreeing with the tactic. “I probably agree with you on the war and on the president but is it not a waste of time to go about trying to impeach him or having a referendum on it when it’s probably not gonna happen, certainly not with a Republican Congress. Why do this?”

Wozniak replied, “Berkeley citizens feel very strongly that the president has abused the Constitution… We’ve learned over several years that he’s lied to us, he’s presented bad evidence and…”

Colmes cut off Wozniak. “But let’s be pragmatic,” Colmes said. “Shouldn’t Democratics and progressives be focused on, Gordon, building coalitions to get Democrats elected? … That’s the way to change government because going after him on this score isn’t going to achieve the impeachment you would like to achieve.”

Wozniak said “Well, that’s one strategy. Berkeley likes to think for itself.” He added that Berkeley has been first on a number of issues such as apartheid and desegregation. “This is not a matter of what’s politically correct. …It’s a matter of right and wrong. If the president abused his power as chief executive and, if so, I think it’s appropriate to suggest…”

Colmes interrupted again. “Are you just trying to have a dialogue here or do you actually believe you’re going to have a chance to impeach the president? Because is that where you really want Democrats to focus?”

Comment: I happen to agree with Colmes that impeachment is a waste of time that could be better spent elsewhere but why not make that point and then allow Wozniak to detail the reasons he thinks Bush should be impeached?

Sean Hannity got a full minute more than Colmes to “interview” the guest. Hannity started his line of questioning with his bullyboy tone and his bullyboy tactics at the ready. “You say this is about right and wrong and I’ve looked over your comments here and with all due respect, you’re a walking liberal cliché. This is all about politics for you… You just don’t like President Bush and in the process of your hatred, you’re so blind, you’re willing to put our troops in greater harm’s way and undermine a war effort. That to me is unimaginable.” Of course, Hannity offered no proof that the referendum would do anything to put our troops in greater harm’s way or do anything to undermine a war effort.

But Wozniak came up with a great answer. “The president is the person who’s put our troops in great harm. I mean, he’s got us into a war that’s in about six months is going to be about as long as the amount of time we spent in the second world war. We don’t seem to be making any progress in Iraq. It’s still, you know, similar numbers of people getting killed all the time. We don’t seem to be able to pacify and hold the territory. It seems to be a very failed…”

Hannity seemed a bit flummoxed by his failure to intimidate the guest and, ironically, it was Hannity who let Wozniak talk about his reasons for supporting impeachment. But, eventually Hannity interrupted to accuse Wozniak of being “spectacularly blinded by your hatred of George Bush.” Hannity then turned to "the success" in Iraq. “We’ve had multiple elections. We have a parliament created, we have a government in force, we have troops being formed that are successfully fighting back the insurgency, we have 25 million individuals free and there used to be a time when you liberals cared about women not being raped and tortured. What happened?”

Wozniak kept his cool and said he respectfully disagreed. “The president declared that the war was won and it’s still going on a couple years later and the troops are – you know, they’re being put in impossible situations. You know, they’re getting shot by - from all sides and it’s not clear who’s the enemy and who their friends are there."

Hannity responded, “I can give you a litany of all the successes and you are deaf and you don’t want to hear it because you are blind by your hatred of the president and your ideology… What’s so sad in my view about people like you is you don’t see the harm you are doing to our troops, to the effort. It used to be that when America was under attack, we would unite against an enemy.” (Comment: So then why doesn’t Hannity do his part and stop attacking his fellow Americans so often? I’d give a lot to see just one FOX News Democratic “strategist” ask him that question.).

Rather than let Wozniak respond, Hannity insisted on asking his latest favorite gotcha question. “Do you believe that America will have to fight Islamic facism?”

Once again, Wozniak had a good response. “I think the president’s strategy in dealing with Islamic terrorists has failed. (Hannity interrupted to say “Islamic facists.”) He’s generating more recruits every year.”

“That’s not my question,” Hannity said. “Do you believe we’re going to have to fight the people that want to kill us?”

This time Wozniak interrupted. “There was a recent poll of National Security experts and 80% of them or more said that the war on terror is failing.”

Both Hannity and Colmes tried to interrupt but Wozniak was not deterred. “These are experts who know what they’re talking about.”

Colmes concluded by saying, “Congressman, thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I just wonder if this is the right tactic for Democrats.”