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FOX Slaps Wrists of Republicans Who Dropped Ball on Pledge Amendment

Reported by Marie Therese - July 1, 2006 -

The FOX & Friends crew threw some on-air barbs in the direction of REPUBLICANS yesterday morning. Seems that so many of them were absent for the "Keep God in the Pledge of Allegiance" vote that the bill went down to defeat! FOX News and and the White House were not happy.

E. D. HILL: What was frustrating was that so many Republicans didn't show up for the vote, even though they have a vast majority on the House Judiciary Committee ...

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: They didn't think it was going to be close.

HILL: ... that it didn't pass.


HILL: And so, I'm like, what can be so important, if this is their agenda, that they don't even show up to vote? And it was very, very, very difficult to find out who didn't show.

(COMMENT: Now, how hard could it be with Tony Snow in the White House?)

NAPOLITANO: Did you find out?

HILL: I did, because I think you (indicates viewers) oughta know! You're the people payin' - we're the people payin' - to send them there. They didn't show up for it. Let's see. (reads) Gohmert. Bachus. Flake. Cannon.

NAPOLITANO (surprised): Jeff Flake didn't show?!

HILL: Hyde. Pence.

NAPOLITANO (off camera): Mike Pence didn't show? Darrel Issa didn't show? Wow!

HILL: Issa. So Issa ...

NAPOLITANO: This was actually ...

HILL: Gohmert, Bachus, Flake, Cannon, Hyde and Pence.

NAPOLITANO: This was actually a piece of legislation which, if enacted, would have removed from the jurisdiction of the federal courts the ability to decide whether or not the phrase "Under God" should stay in the Pedge of Allegiance.

KILMEADE: And isn't it gonna be reoffered?

NAPOLITANO: It was defeated by a tie vote. A tie defeats the motion so it's not going to get to the floor of the House. But, they're gonna reconsider it after the Fourth of July.

HILL: Because they want to get everybody there to vote, that's why.

NAPOLITANO: And because you revealed who didn't show up! I guarantee they're gonna show, E. D.!


Yesterday, it seems that the White House sent Representatives Gohmert, Bachus, Flake, Cannon, Issa and Pence a very, very, very public reminder to tow the line or else.

And FOX News Channel was only too happy to act as the messenger.