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Does Any Democrat Who Fails To Confront Ann Coulter As A Fringe Whack-Job Deserve To Speak For The Party?

Reported by Ellen - June 30, 2006 -

Possible felon and plagiarist Ann Coulter was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/29/06) with another poisonous rant, this one about public schools filled with teachers going on drinking binges. That was followed by her declaration that President Bush should ignore yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling barring Bush’s military tribunals. But a few minutes later, she squawked about the importance of the “rule of law.” There was more than enough material to completely discredit her but Democratic “strategist” and FOX News contributor Kirsten Powers found very little to argue about and even flattered and agreed with Coulter several times.

Alan Colmes didn’t bother to hide his sarcasm during the introduction of the segment as he read Coulter’s sick statements about public schools: “Most public schools are at best – nothing but expensive babysitting arrangements, helpfully keeping hoodlums off the street during daylight hours. At worst, they are criminal training labs, where teachers sexually abuse the children between drinking binges and acts of grand larceny.”

Comment: I don’t think Coulter, who slurs her words and sometimes can’t speak coherently on H&C, is one to be talking about other peoples’ drinking binges. However, last night, she was able to speak clearly.

Colmes continued by sarcastically referring to Coulter as the author of “those fine words.” Coulter who loves any attention, especially if it’s from Colmes, grinned from ear to ear despite the slur.

Colmes said, “You know, Ann, I’ve been wrong about you (the middle-aged Coulter giggled like a schoolgirl)… This is just brilliant satire – the things you say (he quoted some of her more famous “quips”)… I should be laughing at this. These are all jokes. These are laughable, happy satire, right?... I realize this is all comedic satire and that you’re actually a liberal who is doing this to mock and parody the way conservatives think.” He turned to Powers, “You’ve got to admit, this is great humor.”

It was a perfect opening for Powers but she never mustered any kind of cogent argument articulating what’s wrong with Coulter or her attack on public schools. “If you read the chapter, she really lays out all her reasons that she feels this way and that the teachers are apparently living the high-life on $40,000 a year,” Powers uselessly responded. She noted that Coulter had a knack for clever language. Powers also said she thought Coulter was serious, not being satirical.

“Oh, you do?” Colmes asked with mock surprise. He later added. “I have to disagree with you. No sane person would say those things.”

Powers lamely answered, “You have missed the boat, Alan. If you were a teacher, you would have really been living it up.”

Then it was Sean Hannity’s turn. He asked Powers if it was true that public schools were failing our children. Powers answered that she didn’t disagree, then gratuitously added that the Democratic Party was too beholden to the teachers’ union. She went back to talking about Coulter, which was good, but Power’s comment was, “Where I do have a problem and what I think is interesting about Ann’s chapter is that there seems to be this area carved out by Republicans. It’s the only place in the universe where the Capitalist system does not apply. Which means when you say let’s pay them more money, Ann says, no you don’t pay them more money because that’s not gonna change anything.” You'd think Powers could have come up with something stronger to nail Coulter with but that was the extent of Powers' “rebuttal."

When Hannity asked Coulter for her opinion about the Hamdan Supreme Court decision, she claimed that she hadn’t read the decision, nor did she intend to, but she nevertheless opined that President Bush “should ignore the Supreme Court ruling.”

Powers had nothing at all to say about that.

Coulter and Powers were back for a second segment to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s brush with airport security in Florida. Coulter, under a legal cloud, herself, for possibly having committed voter fraud, and who may have committed tax fraud as well, was outraged over Limbaugh’s legal troubles. “There wouldn’t be a Republican Party without Rush Limbaugh,” Coulter said indignantly. Comment: Maybe, since she has struck out with Colmes, Coulter is trying to put the moves on Limbaugh, a possible perp and soul-mate.

Once again, Powers had a great opportunity to point out Coulter’s own ethical challenges but remained silent about them. Powers’ only comment about Limbaugh was that the story was “Too much information… It’s just not information that I need to have.”

Coulter didn’t let her own legal cloud stop her from demanding that custom officials should “apply the law… We live under the rule of law, Alan.”

While Colmes questioned Coulter whether that meant she would respect the Hamdan decision, Powers agreed with Coulter that Rush’s drugs were “personal information” that should not be “anybody else’s business.”

You can watch the video on YouTube (Thanks to reader cbanks).