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Judge Napolitano Steps Up Says Lindsay Graham Is Wrong On GITMO

Reported by Donna - June 29, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, Senior Judical Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano went away from the typical Fox, 'play it down' defeat of Bush's stance on the prisoners at Guatanamo Bay.

While everyone is nuancing what was ruled, Smith asked Napolitano if Senator Lindsay Graham was right when he said that Congress could just have different military tribunals. Napolitano said he's sorry, but maybe Senator Graham didn't get to read the whole ruling and that 'No' they could not have different military tribunals, they had to have fair trials for these prisoners.

Comments: I applaud Judge Andrew Napoltanto for comng out and telling it like it is. All day long Fox has spent it playing down this decision. It took Napolitano to set the record straight.