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Hemmer Repeats : Bush Just Buying Time On GITMO Prisoners

Reported by Donna - June 29, 2006 -

Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) covered the decision by Supreme Court that President Bush couldn't hold military tribunals for the prisoners at Guatanamo Bay.

Fox and Hemmer tried to ease the decision with Hemmer saying twice that Bush probably only did it because the war on terror is going to last a long time and he was buying time.

During one of the segments on this decision (there were several) Fox ran a banner that said, 'Has Court Opened the Door For The Most Dangerous Men At Gitmo?'

Then in talking about another upcoming segment on the decision, Hemmer said, "How do these foreign nationals, suspected of plotting to kll Americans win the same rights as U.S. citzens?"

Comments: For a strictly news show, Fox News Live is continually overstepping it's boundary into opinon giving, not just straight news. Hemmer twice tried to excuse what Bush had done by saying that he was only trying to buy time. Then to run a banner that says, 'Has Court Opened The Door For The Most Dangerous Men At Gitmo' sounds like the prisoners are going to be running free. It's nothing short of fear mongoring. Then finishing it up with the statement from Hemmer about foreign nationals, suspected of plotting to kill Americans having the same rights as U.S. citizens is another button pushing statement. It is intended to bring the audience to an anger at such an outrage.

Fox News Live continuing it's fear mongoring and biased opinion reporting.