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Bill O'Reilly Is Really Upset About Rush Limbaugh

Reported by Deborah - June 29, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly is so concerned about Rush Limbaugh's recent brush with airport security in Palm Beach, he's had three segments about it on The Factor since the story broke.According to O'Reilly, Limbaugh is being persecuted by Palm Beach authorities who had no right to check his belongings at the airport after he returned from a foreign country. Isn't that a routine procedure known as customs? 6/29/06

It seems that Rush Limbaugh returned to Palm Beach in a private plane from a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Custom officials found a bottle of blue pills, later identified as Viagra, in a prescription bottle with a different name on it. Limbaugh claimed that his doctor wrote the perscription in his own name to shield Limbaugh from personal embarrassment. O'Reilly thought this was perfectly acceptable and said on Tuesday night, 6/27,

"It looks like Palm Beach authorities are out to ruin Limbaugh. Authorities don't usually check the shaving kits of people flying on private planes. This story was leaked to the press almost immediately, and that is flat-out wrong. This is a political persecution and it is malicious."

On Wednesday he had a follow up segment to focus on the custom officials who leaked the story to the Associated Press. O'Reilly acted as if Limbaugh was a poor innocent victimized by his politics.

"This is a malicious attempt by authorities who are abusing their power to right a perceived political wrong. And there was sleazy behavior by the sheriff's office calling the Associated Press. You don't call the press unless you're a weasel and a slimy person."

Tonight, 6/29/06, he once again whined to Geraldo that Limbaugh did nothing wrong and nobody is ever checked when they arrive in a private plane. He and Geraldo agreed that it was totally wrong to alert the press. Geraldo , admitting that he wasn't a Limbaugh fan, took O'Reilly's side about leaking the story

In the meantime, on his first day on air after the incident, Limbaugh showed no humility and immediately made a bad joke about Bill Clinton claiming he bought the Viagra in Clinton's Library gift shop. (How witty and responsible)

comment: So Mr Border Security is outraged that someone was stopped and searched after arriving from a foreign country. Did O'Reilly mean that everyone in a private plane should be exempt from customs? Last week, he praised the FBI in Miami for arresting the 7 guys playing terrorists outside their storage shed but this week the Palm Beach airport should let anyone in without searching their bags. Last week, he did a segment bashing George Soros because of his opinion that marijuana should be legalized but this week authorities shouldn't keep tabs on someone with a history of prescription drug abuse.

When I travel, I make sure that my prescription pills are in the right bottles with my name on it . I have the sense to know that the people at customs will hassle me otherwise. Of course, I don't live in the universe of ease and privilege that O'Reilly inhabits or the luxury to blame my stupid moves on political persecution.