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"Big Story" viewers show their ignorance

Reported by Chrish - June 29, 2006 -

The "Your Word" segment concluding The Big Story is a selection of emails received by viewers. Today 6/29/06 the viewers were almost unanimously against the Supreme Court ruling that told the Bush administration to adhere to the Geneva Conventions in treatment of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Some of the remarks are stunning in their lack of understanding about basic civics, which leads one to wonder how these people maintain such a level of indignant ignorance. Perhaps Gibson's lead-in at the top of the hour gives us a clue: "A setback in the war on terror."

"This decision gives no rights to those of our military who are trying to protect us. This ruling is insane!"

Um, this ruling does not affect the rights of anyone in the military.

"How can [Bush] succeed in a war overseas when he's fighting a war within his own government?"

He can operate within our laws and honor the Constitution which he swore on a Bible to uphold. And btw, it's OUR government, not his.

"From now on it should be take no prisoners. We cannot afford all the lawyers for 400 people."

Since when does this administration worry about the cost of things?

The lone dissenter: "This is good news for anyone who believes in the Constitution along with the requisite checks and balances...If you are a right-wing nut then you still believe this is a liberal plot."

"How do we impeach judges, especially on the Supreme Court? Is [Bush] the commander-in-chief, or are they?"

See comments re checks and balances above.

"It appears that at every turn [Bush] is thwarted in his efforts to fight the war on terrorism. If we're not in an official war, how does the Geneva Convention enter into it? The Supreme Court has outlived its usefulness. Our enemies are dancing in the streets today."

I would laugh at the hyperbole here, but this person wants to do away with our system of government to allow Bush carte blanche. This level of ignorance is beyond the pale, and for FOX to give it an international platform is embarrassing. But it reinforces all the other morons watching and nodding their heads, planning their Independence Day parties and cheering on the man who would be dictator.