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'Hot Teacher' Alert

Reported by Judy - June 28, 2006 -

Fox News has uncovered yet another teacher with alleged moral failings. This one posed "topless" for an art photographer, who posted the photos on the internet.

Tamara Hoover is in danger of losing her job as an art teacher with the Austin public schools after some students found the pictures on the web. Hoover is contesting the district's effort to dismiss her, arguing that the photos are a legitimate form of artistic expression, and students and parents have rallied on her behalf. She appeared Wednesday (June 28, 2006) on "Dayside" for an interview with co-hosts Michael Jerrick and Juliet Huddy.

As Jerrick and Huddy interviewed Hoover, Fox News showed a selection of the photos, which are definitely not of the pornographic or even soft-porn variety. The ones shown were similar to ones that show up in advertising material all the time -- that is, Hoover may have been topless but her arms covered her breasts. In one shot she was wearing a two-piece swm suit. Huddy and Jerrick did not indicate if there were other photos that were more explicit -- a piece of information that a viewer really needs in order to form a judgment on the story. The ones shown were certainly PG-rated.

Hoover did a good job of defending herself, noting that the photos were on a website that was not accessible unless someone knew where to look and that the photos were strictly artistic. Then Huddy and Jerrick turned the audience loose on her, as members of the audience criticized her for not being a role model for her students and not anticipating that her students would find the pictures.

Hoover had a good comeback to those comments. Parents, she said, might consider exercising some responsibility over what material their children access on the internet. Snickers from the audience were audible.

Regardless of the merits of the arguments on either side, Hoover is blonde and slim. That guarantees that photos of her will show up on Fox News under the "hot teacher alert" category at every possible opportunity for the foreseeable future.