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Gibson blurts another inadvertant truth

Reported by Chrish - June 28, 2006 -

After reading emails from viewers in the "Your Word" segment of the Big Story today, John Gibson stated the obvious for viewers. Emailer Ed Wolcoff wrote regarding the Berkeley CA council's vote to impeach Bush and Cheney, reported on Tuesday:

"There are possibly more Marxists in Berkeley than in Moscow nowadays. Why FOX caters to the egos of such fringe groups by providing them a national news platform is beyond me."

Gibson, who should stick to stumbling over the words on the teleprompter, ad libbed "Hey Ed, ya gotta know what they're thinkin'. We don't do it that often, but, "fair and balanced."

Ain't that the truth!!!

It's very telling that someone would bother to write to complain that a different view than his is represented on a national news program. Apparently Ed doesn't even want to acknowledge Americans who have different opinions, and has learned well from his FOX masters to dismiss those persons by labelling them unfavorably. Gibson, as a representative of "fair and balanced" FOX, should have told that writer that FOX is an objective and neutral media outlet serving all Americans regardless of ideology, party affiliation, race, or religion.

I really crack myself up sometimes.