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Fox News Trying to Make Up with ACLU Guest?

Reported by Judy - June 28, 2006 -

A week ago, Fox News cut off a contentious interview with a former American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Michael Gross with a commercial and failed to return to him after the break. Was Fox News' "Dayside" trying to make it up to Gross on Wednesday (June 28, 2006) by inviting him back for a guest appearance?

Gross was invited to discuss a Virginia state law that requires state colleges and universities to turn over the names and social security numbers of accepted students to state police to screen them for registered sex offenders.

Gross described the measure as a violation of the individual students' privacy rights, and two Virginia students in the audience agreed with him. He questioned the effectiveness of sex offender registration laws, noting that after 20 years of requiring registration of sex offenders, sex offenses have increased. Rather than violate everyone's privacy rights, Gross said society should look for a better way to prevent abuse.

Steve Clark, a former prosecutor, defended the law on the grounds that parents who are sending their "children" to college have a right to know "they are not going to have sex offenders wandering the halls."

"Dayside" co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick challenged Gross somewhat, but in a generally respectful way by Fox News standards.

Just wondering, did somebody at Fox News have a change of heart toward the way Gross was treated? After all, how many liberal lawyers are willing to come on Fox News these days anyway so that the news channel can continue to air its so-called "fair and balanced" debates?