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Fox - More Fear Mongoring - North Korea Submarine Threat?

Reported by Donna - June 28, 2006 -

In a totally ridiculous segment Bill Hemmer on Fox News Live today (12 - 1 p.m.) spoke with former Secretary of the Navy, John Dalton about a possible threat from the North Koreans using their submarine force. The segment was under the banner 'North Korean Menace' and a smaller banner saying 'How Big A Threat Is Pyongyang's Submarine Fleet?'

Turns out there is virtually no threat from the all diesal submarine fleet of North Korea. They are small subs, holding 10 to 20 people, are noisy, cannot sustain long distances, have to surface continually to recharge, don't have any nuclear capability, but Fox felt a need to put this story out there.

The segment ended with Bill Hemmer asking Dalton what he thought we should do with the missile that is on the launch pad in North Korea. Dalton said we should vigorously use diplomatic efforts right now. Hemmer, not getting the answer he wanted made a point of saying, "Epson and Perry recommend taking the missile out on the launch pad, you say diplomacy, thank you for your time John Dalton."

Comments: Hemmer used a completely contrived story, the submarine fleet of North Korea being a threat to the U.S. in order to ask Dalton about his thoughts on the missile that's sitting on the launchpad right now in North Korea. When Dalton said diplomacy Hemmer was ready with his answer - that others felt we should take it out on the launchpad and closed the segment without giving Dalton a chance for a rebuttal.