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Bill O'Reilly And Tony Snow Do PR For The White House

Reported by Deborah - June 28, 2006 -

Last night Bill O'Reilly and Rich Lowry wanted some answers from Tony Snow about what the White House was planning to do to punish the New York Times for printing the money tracking story. Lowry sounded slightly peeved at Snow for condemning the New York Times yet saying that the newspaper would not be treated differently at the White House. O'Reilly, acting like the ultimate insider, assured Lowry that he would get the facts tonight when Snow appeared. Well, Snow appeared but he managed to say very little.

Snow had no plans tonight to get directly involved in the right wing outrage against the New York Times. Snow said, " The President expressed his feelings."He politely shot down O'Reilly's suggestion that the President launch an investigation of the New York Times.Of course, Snow did not voice any objections to the massive hysteria against the paper orchestrated by FOX all week.

When O'Reilly wanted to know if Bush's dropping poll numbers were caused by Iraq or rising gas prices, Snow refused to answer claiming that it was impossible to tell. When pressed for an answer, he said that anxiety over Iraq caused the higher gas prices. Of course Snow expressed no anxiety over Iraq feeding O'Reilly all the pat WH talking points. Snow maintained the same posturing concerning the border issues claiming that illegal crossings have decresed since 2000.

O'Reilly offered Snow praise for being tough and Snow acting like the modest, nice guy, mentioned how he and Helen Thomas joke around. Then, of course, O'Reilly brought up Snow's cancer asking him if the new job was affecting his health. Snow assured O'Reilly that his Doctor said the cancer wouldn't return . Snow stressed that he loved his job and the White House is family friendly so he spends weekends with his kids. He made sure to praise Bush as someone he admires.Just like his last visit to The Factor, he gave assurances that opinions were freely given in the White House adding that everyone knows who is boss

comment: This was obviously just a PR opportunity for Snow and the White House. Now how could such a likable family guy like Tony Snow lie to the American people. Snow is so happy working at the White House and admires the President too. He feels so strongly about the administration that he is willing to gamble with his fragile health getting into work at 6AM and leaving at 7PM. Snow is such a nice guy that he even jokes around with Helen Thomas. That's really special.