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O'Reilly "no-spins" White House talking points in Talking Points Memo

Reported by Chrish - June 27, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly obviously got the memo from Roger Ailes, who responded to FNC's falling ratings with "Anyone who displays launch-type intensity will continue to have a job at Fox News. Those who don’t will not. And that includes talent." O'Reilly promoted himself to Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA) as follows:

"You know me for a long time, you know how aggressive I am as a reporter....you know I'm really aggressive, and I don't want to hide anything from the American people they need to know."
O'Reilly then goes on to say that he doesn't know a single person who needs to know how the government is surveilling financial transactions.

The Factor began with the Talking Points Memo, which closely mirrored the line from the White House today. The "No-Spin Zone" was full of it today, with O'Reilly parroting Bush and Tony Snow. He said


He also invoked Senator Jack Murtha, a favorite target of FOX smears of late, saying he has


He also used the terms"committed left media", several mentions of "far-left", "that kind of extreme thinking is putting all Americans in danger", NYT is "Chock full of far-left columnists", (Don't tell Brooks, Safire, Tierney, or Friedman!) and finally said viewers should ask who's looking out for them - media who expose anti-terror programs that are legal, or the government instituting them?

The whole TPM was outrage and indignation on behalf of the altruistic and honorable administration who would never lie or use information for anything other than protection of consumers, er, citizens. Americans who have lost trust in this administration and are weary of them crying "terror" every time they're caught doing something secretive are labelled far left, and now committed left, extremists. How about some slack for people who are just totally uneasy with the government's Total Information Awareness program? This does not jibe well with our self-image of free and private citizens.

O'Reilly had two guests on after the TPM, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Ed Markey (D-MA), in tandem.

King wants the NYT editors and journalists investigated and brought up on charges. He claims that Al Queda didn't know that the US had a program that monitored international transactions - come on! and the New York Times' revealing the program to the public may tie the government's hands in pursuing terrorists.

Comment: It's the NSA spying story all over. It would not surprise to see it evolve in the same manner - 1.) International transactions only, with one participant a terrorism suspect. 2.) International transactions. 3.) Domestic transactions, with one participant a terror-related suspect. 4.) Domestic transactions. 5.) Major data-mining/gathering operation involving millions of Americans and billions of transactions.

Representative Markey immediately brings up the wiretapping and disputes O'Reilly's repeated claims that this financial spying is all legal and done with all proper oversight. (According to ABC News

" Republicans defended the effort. Senate Republican leader Bill Frist of Tennessee had been briefed on the program and had "full confidence in the effectiveness of, and the legal authority for, this vital anti-terrorism tool," said Frist spokeswoman Amy Call," and "The consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton was retained to audit and review the U.S. activities in the program".
Well, what more do they want? ) Markey says that the subpoenas issued were not from a federal court but from the Bush administration, and that the monitoring violates the Fourth Amendment and the Privacy Act of 1978. BORe keeps replying, plaintively, "It's in Belgium", referring to the headquarters of SWIFT, (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) the consortium at the center of the story. He says that Markey knows as well as BOR does that there will be no litigation or prosecution over this, but Markey insists there will be a serious investigation.

To wrap up, O'Reilly poses this fair and balanced, objective, no-spin poll question to his viewers:


I am pretty certain that Factor and FOX followers come away from this coverage fully trusting of and thankful to the great protector Bush and thoroughly disgusted by far-left liberal media New York Times for informing the rest of us of the secret data-gathering programs of this ultra-dark administration. Under all the loud, proud American bravado they're all scared stupid and want Big Daddy/Big Brother to take care of them.