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Cavuto Does His Part to Ignite Hatred of the New York Times

Reported by Melanie - June 27, 2006 -

Fox devoted the first two segments on Your World w/Cavuto today (June 27, 2006) to the "treason" or "espionage" "clearly" committed by the New York Times when it published its article about the Bush administration collecting international banking records.

Cavuto opened with a graphic over his shoulder that read, "FIRESTORM!" and then, "ON THE WARPATH!" as he introduced the leader of the pack and his first guest, Representative Peter King (R-NY). Cavuto said the Times' stock "continues swooning as anger at the New York Times just keeps building and building," and "a lot of people are joining" King who was "the first" to call for the Times to be prosecuted.

Fox gave King a three minute platform to spew. King said, "It is and it should be" an "absolute disgrace," it "threatens our national security. It puts American lives at risk." Even though he's a government official, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, he said he could think of "no reason" why the Times "went public with this." He said we "can't allow this to go on," and he wondered "how many lives are going to be lost before the New York Times stops doing what it's doing?"

King said the Times has an "elitist left wing agenda" and a "pathological hatred of President Bush and they're putting that before the lives of Americans." He said, "We're talking about a program that will save Americans, will defeat the enemy," and that, "We might as well have taken confidential documents and delivered them to Osama bin Laden."

Next came a roundtable discussion featuring four Your World financial types. Their stated charge was to discuss whether or not the Times puts "profits over patriotism."

Gary B. Smith, a Fox News employee said, "It seems to me that it's clearly an act of espionage or treason." He said the Times will, "do anything, even allowing the terrorists to win to make the Bush administration look bad." He said "It's baffling and frankly, un-American."

Tobin Smith, another Fox employee said, "I hope every red-blooded American who owned this stock sold it, just out of conscience."

Fox's Brenda Buttner said, "We are a democracy and we're fighting for a democracy and for the right to publish and for the right for freedom of speech," but I think "the New York Times was clearly trying to protect its own legacy." This "clearly" gave our enemies an advantage.

At the end of the segment Cavuto implied that the story might go so far as to weaken our economy: "This has made even our markets more vulnerable because we've given secrets away about how we track the financing of Al Qaeda," at least, "that is among the noise out there for selling."

Fortunately he was shot down on that one but you can't unring a bell.

Comment: During the ten minutes it took to air these two segments, the words "Wall Street Journal" and "Los Angeles Times" were never uttered. Now that Dan Rather's gone, the New York Times has taken his place as the right's target du jour. Additionally, despite this being a "news" channel charged with informing and enlightening its audience, all seven participants to the two segments conveniently forgot about the NSA wiretap story the Times sat on for a year or the work it's star reporter, Judith Miller, did to sell the neo-con's Iraq war to the American public. As a matter of fact, exactly two years ago, Dennis Hans at Counterpunch wrote: "It seemed like only yesterday that Cheney and the Times strolled hand in hand."