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We Know The NY Times Published Secret Financial Story - How Did The Other Papers Know?

Reported by Donna - June 26, 2006 -

I've been hearing all day how the NY Times is the one paper the president got upset with over disclosing the story about the secret financial program. I also heard that the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal had also reported it. What I didn't hear was why the president was only upset at the NY Times.

Found out on Studio B with Shepard Smith from Bret Baier.

RIght at the end of the segment about the NY Times, Bret Baier said that after the NY Times said they were going ahead with the story that the White House had "gave on the backside to other papers to take away the (NY Times) exclusive."

Comments: So, after weeks of negotiating with the NY Times and the White House not being able to come up with a convincing story of it being about national security, the White House leaked the story to other papers so that the NY Times wouldn't have the exclusive?

Talk about acting like a petulant child, did the president say 'na - na - na - na - na - na' as he leaked the info to the other papers?

And Fox seems to have a habit of sneaking in these statements at the end of segments like they are afterthoughts. They don't stress them, just mention them at the end of the story like it's no big deal. They should be an active part of the story if they want to appear fair and balanced.