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FOX's Gibson slips, admits NSA spying = illegal

Reported by Chrish - June 26, 2006 -

This little tidbit from Friday's Big Story (6/23/06) reveals John Gibson's belief, after all the denials, that the NSA warrantless wiretapping IS illegal. He's just been spewing the company line and let slip his true feelings in an interview with Edward Turzanski of La Salle University about the New York Times report on international banking surveillance (found on FOXNews.com):

Turzanski : "... it's just baffling, not just that The Times printed it, but more specifically that there are people in the position of trust within the U.S. government that leaked this information.This administration has got to go after these leakers in a big way. People have to start going to jail because this is going to cost us lives over time.

Gibson: Well, why aren't we? I mean, this wasn't even — The Times admitted in its own story, there is nothing particularly illegal about what the government was doing in the secret program to track international banking. And it was a secret.

So on what basis would you go after somebody for leaking some thing that wasn't an illegal — you know, a NSA-type operation - to begin with?"