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One man's principle is another's object of ridicule

Reported by Chrish - June 23, 2006 -

This premise that anything outside a very narrow definition of "mainstream" is to be scorned, feared, dismissed, or otherwise diminished is exemplified daily on the O'Reilly Factor and elsewhere on FOX News. In this way they convince their lloyalists of their superiority and confer on them the right to judge others, always harshly. On FOX O'Reilly can safely disparage Americans who have different families, spiritual beliefs, careers, political views, sense of humor, and lifestyles and be certain of not offending his base. Now he's picking on people's diets.

His "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" yesterday, 6/22/06, stated:

"As you may know, lobster is a great delicacy, very expensive and now very controversial. Last year, the Whole Foods grocery chain said the traditional lobster tank was not nice. So they gave the lobsters awaiting the pot individual areas in which to relax.

Apparently, that was not enough. So last week Whole Foods said they're not going to sell any more live lobsters because of the specter of execution is against the chain's humane policies.

Ridiculous? Not if you're a lobster. It's good news!"

So now principled vegetarians and vegans are "ridiculous" because it was no doubt they who complained and got the company's policy changed. As a friend and relative of dozens of those principled gentle souls I take offense at him abusing his international platform to editorialize about other people's ethics and choices.

Bill O'Reilly could learn a thing or two (hundred) from these people if his mind wasn't sealed shut. It's indicative of FOX's attitude that their hosts are allowed to regularly insult the minority populations in this country.