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Fox Omits the Wall Street Journal From the List of Newspapers Who Published the Bank Data Spy Story

Reported by Melanie - June 23, 2006 -

The lead story on Your World w/Cavuto today (June 23, 2006) was the news, printed in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, that the U.S. government is "sifting" bank data belonging to "thousands" of Americans. Fox's take on the story, of course, is that both the leaker of the information and the newspapers who published it should be charged with treason. Problem is, Fox failed to include the conservative Wall Street Journal in its list of those publishing the story.

Neil Cavuto opened the show with a promo about the issue and then went directly to Bret Baier on the White House lawn. Baier's two minute report included two references to both the N.Y. Times and the L.A. Times, but he made no mention whatsoever of the Wall Street Journal.

After Baier's report Cavuto introduced a panel to discuss the matter. The New York Times was the center of attention with Fox going to a split screen showing its headline almost continuously during the six minute segment. (One guest, Wayne Simmons, referred to the N.Y. Times as the "Al Qaeda Times.") Four minutes into the segment, Michael Smercomish said, "By the way Neil, please don't cut a free pass for the Wall Street Journal."

Comment: Neither Neil Cavuto, anchor and "managing editor of business news," nor Bret Baier, Fox's "chief White House correspondent," included the WSJ in their remarks. The only way the audience came to know the WSJ published an article too was through a guest and if that person hadn't said something, they may have never known. Another shining example of Fox's definition of "fair and balanced."