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Did NYC Police Commissioner Kelly Reveal Classified Information About the "Great Miami Terror Bust" Three Weeks Ago?

Reported by Marie Therese - June 23, 2006 -

What's gone down in Miami the past few days is a sham, pure and simple. The federal government callously used seven Haitian men - who hung out in a windowless warehouse in the poorest section of Miami - as unsuspecting pawns in some kind of sick political game.

It is clear that these men never got to the point of being a threat. They were lured into a plot by the ring-leader Narseal Batiste, whom, I suspect, will prove to be either a government "plant" or a grifter pulling a con on "Al Qaeda".

Batiste lured the Haitians into his trap by convincing them that they were going to improve the lives of people in their community. These "terrorists" were so inept that they simply forgot to buy any guns or explosives.

It appears that security about this "sting" was so weak that NYC Police Commissioner knew about it three weeks ago. Judge Andrew Napolitano alluded to this this morning during a segment on FOX & friends First, when he said:

"You know, when the Canadian police disrupted a Canadian cell of about 17 people about three weeks ago, within hours we had Ray Kelly, the New York City Police Commissioner on and he said the real problem is domestic home-grown cells in the U. S. and we were a little incredulous. And I said, 'Like what do you mean?' and he said 'Well, like, some group in Miami getting together and deciding to blow something up.'... I wonder if he knew more than, more than we thought he knew."

Co-host Alisyn Camerota was completely taken off guard and blurted out that this was a "foreshadowing" of the bust.

It would appear that Commissioner Kelly jumped the gun here and revealed that he was privy to information about this supposed "bust". How is that? Shouldn't he have to answer questions about his comments to the Judge? If he did reveal classified information, shouldn't he be brought up on charges of aiding and abetting the enemy?

This morning, FOX News reporter Steve Harrigan, reporting from Miami, tried to paint a picture of terrorist fanatics, but ended up describing a bunch of downtrodden men who earned money by selling beauty supplies on the street . They occasionally wore hoods and engaged in "martial arts" displays at night outside the warehouse.

By these standards, most of the males in my neighborhood would be Al Qaeda suspects

One can only hope that a high-powered attorney and/or civil rights organization will step in to help these men.

Someone has got to draw a line in the sand when it comes to the state manipulating its citizens as part of a publicity stunt!

If the government gets away with this travesty, how long will it be before those special Halliburton-built "detention camps" begin to appear throughout the United States?