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Karl Rove is No Longer Distracted: Renewing the Saddam/Al Qaeda Connection in Time for the Midterm Elections

Reported by Janie - June 22, 2006

Last night (6/21) on Special Report with Brit Hume, not only was the claim back that WMDs have been found in Iraq (which were pre-1991, didn't function, and the Administration has stated they were NOT a part of the reason we went to war - but if you can fool the masses, I guess it's worth a shot!), but the claim that Saddam Hussein had actual ties to Al Qaeda was back as well.

During the "All Star Panel" discussing the "discovery" of WMDs in Iraq, right-wing Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes took the opportunity to mislead the public by claiming, once again, that Hussein had operational ties with Al Qaeda, which has been disproved by the 9/11 Commission:

Mort Kondracke: "There's other stuff too that's classified, and that is, I keep reading in the Weekly Standard how there really were links between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein."

Fred Barnes: "Of course there were." (These magical ties, of course, have only been reported in Barnes' "Weekly Standard" along with Moonie operated publications.)

MK: "OK, where's that stuff?"

Brit Hume: "The Administration does not, has not backed off from that assertion, the way they backed off on WMDs."

MK: "Let's see what there is for heaven's sake."

FB: "You haven't been reading all the Weekly Standard (as though the "Weekly Standard is a credible news outlet! Ha!) about between the Al Qaeda terrorists in the Philippines who were aided by Saddam. About the meeting with one of Saddam officials with Osama Bin Laden."

MK: "I read them in the Weekly Standard, I would like see an official release." (As would anyone that takes intelligence seriously)

FB: "Ohhhh…"

MK: "Why not?"

Cross talk

Barnes finished his argument by stuttering incoherently, "There were so many connections you have to believe, so much evidence of connections that I think you have to believe there really have been those and why, you know, Mara you've never been one to lean heavily on what the White House thought as being the right thing and justifying something, the fact that they haven't released these doesn't mean they're not important..."

Comment: Seems like Karl Rove is back at the fax machine, setting up photo ops and preparing for the 2006 election cycle. You know the Republican's chances must be looking rather poor when Fox and the GOP are forced to make themselves look ridiculous by once again claiming WMDs have been found in Iraq, when the WMDs in question were dismissed early on by the Administration themselves.

Of course, if you're going to attempt to confuse Fox viewers with the false WMD claim, why not throw in the Saddam-Al Qaeda links as well, just for the heck of it?

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