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Ann Coulter Makes An Ass Of Herself On Hannity & Colmes – Again

Reported by Ellen - June 22, 2006

Hannity & Colmes gave possible felon and plagiarist (and suspected substance-abuser) Ann Coulter another dose of Republican rehab last night (6/21/06) by giving her a double segment in which to offer her “insights” into Rick Santorum’s announcement that chemical WMD’s have been found in Iraq. Coulter has no expertise in military affairs or weapons – chemical or otherwise – nor does she have any credentials in foreign policy. In fact, her only expertise seems to be in thinking up clever ways to degrade and attack her fellow Americans. But when put on the spot to debate a point she hasn’t prepared for, Coulter sputters and stammers and gropes for answers with childish non-sequitors. That’s exactly what happened last night when Colmes challenged her on one of her outlandish assertions.

The only thing more revolting than watching Coulter pretend she’s a serious pundit is watching Coulter play cutesy-wutesy with Alan Colmes. Coulter recently told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that she had never slept with a liberal. If she was telling the truth (and her sexual reputation is otherwise), anyone who has seen her with Colmes knows it’s not for her lack of trying.

Last night, Coulter was full of what she obviously thought were adorable insults, which I will not dignify by repeating. As her face briefly lit up from Colmes’ attention, Colmes asked about her recent statement that liberals have affection for terrorists. “What liberal has affection for terrorists?” he wanted to know.

“I was quoting you,” the middle-aged Coulter said with her childish pout. Was it just me or did her words sound slurred? “Or in the first segment, you were saying poof, these insignificant lethal weapons.”

“Who said terrorists are not that bad?” Colmes prodded.

“You were talking – Saddam Hussein.” She giggled nervously. Comment: Colmes said nothing of the sort. I just posted the thrust of everything Colmes said in the first segment.

“When did I say he wasn’t that bad?”

Coulter was clearly getting flustered now. “You – You’re defending him on the weapons, trying to minimize them.”

“What did I say in defense of Saddam Hussein?”

“OK, I know you don’t watch your show when it gets replayed but when you’re on your show (she giggled), do you LISTEN to yourself?” She really sounded flat drunk at that point. She leaned back and giggled at her own wit, despite the fact she was barely making sense. “You’re dismissing these weapons as a poof!”

Colmes said he was repeating what a Defense Department official had told FOX News reporter Jim Angle.

“Insignificant little nothings,” Coulter slurred (no mistaking it this time!) as Colmes moved on to the other guest, Democratic strategist Laura Schwarz.

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