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Fox Host Says That Democrats Will Use Iraq As An Excuse Against The President For The North Korea Situation

Reported by Donna - June 21, 2006

Today on Studio B, Trace Gallagher was substituting for Shepard Smith and he couldn't wait to say that somehow Democrats were going to use North Korea politically against the president. However, Fox News Contributor and NPR Senior National Correspondant, Juan Williams was having none of that.

Gallagher said, "The situation with North Korea (is) drawing a whole lot of attention at the summit in Austria. President Bush meeting with European leaders there and finding some support for his stance. " (Comment: Note the use of the words 'whole lot of attention' without telling us whose attention and also the use of the words 'some support.' Is that like 'some people say?'

A brief discussion was held with Gallagher asking if shooting the missile down would help and Williams saying it may and spoke about the time North Korea threatened to fly a missile over Japan, so Japan and China might be interested in this. The conversation was very even handed in the discussion about North Korea until the end when Gallagher must have felt he needed to get a jab in about Democrats.

Gallagher said, "And you know, a lot of Democrats (Comment: How many? Who?) are saying that the reason they are coming after us, the reason they're testing us is because of the Iraq thing. (Comment: The Iraq thing? I'm sure the parents of our killed and wounded soldiers will appreciate the phrasing) If we get out of Iraq we'd have a stronger, more solidified front all across the board, right?"

Juan Williams looked at him like he couldn't believe he asked that and countered, "Well, I don't think so. I think they'd say that about Afghanistan and questions about our policy in general, but you know what I think here, you're gonna see....I don't run into anyone in town and (it's) Washington I'm talking about, Trace, who's saying to me, 'oh gosh there's some kind of political divide over dealing with North Korea.' Everybody thinks that guy, there's a bolt loose up there.

Comments: Williams stopped Gallagher dead in his track. He didn't know what to say to that response and the segment ended. It's amazing how the fill in hosts are up on their Republican talking points, isn't it?

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