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Maybe We Should Listen to the Children ...

Reported by Marie Therese - June 19, 2006

Last Friday during an "aren't we so cute and cool" moment on FOX & Friends, the hosts aired a clip from Jay Leno's June 15th monologue on The Tonight Show:

LENO: "It's not been a good day for Mrs. al-Zarqawi. They had the reading of the will today. She got the house."

All three hosts laughed. Brian Kilmeade, who fancies himself a stand-up comic in his off-hours, added:

"Hit by a missile! Let's see if they have insurance. And there are so many Mrs. al-Zarqawis!"

Co-host Alisyn Camerota chimed in saying "Yeah! There isn't just one!"

This entire segment took less than a minute.


Last week, when we killed al-Zarqawi, we also killed two women and a 6-year-old girl child. There was some speculation that one or both of these women might have been wives of the slain terrorist and perhaps the little girl was his offspring.

However, according to Major Genral Caldwell, spokesman for the coalition, the three bodies were not sent for DNA identification. On the contrary, the bodies were "passed off" (his words) to the Iraqis. He used those words as if he were describing three sacks of potatoes not three human beings.

To this day no one knows who these three were, what names they went by, why they were there.

But, then, who really cares?

Certainly not Gen. Caldwell.

Certainly not the insurgents.

Certainly not Jay Leno.

Certainly not the FOX & Friends trio.

And because no one cares, it becomes easy for glib comedians to rattle off a throw-away joke about "Mrs. al-Zarqawi" and for others to laugh and say "Hit by a missile!"

Thankfully, there are some who consistently try to see the face of the divine in the other and to question authority.

One such person is 15-year-old Alabama teenager Ava Lowery who's causing quite a stir with one of her self-produced videos.

For anyone who has not yet seen it, click the link below:


Maybe it takes a child to understand who the true victims of war really are.

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