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Stand Up For America and Noah’s Ark, too

Reported by Chrish - June 18, 2006

John Kasich’s Heartland was the usual mélange of patriotism, religion, and strangeness that nobody cares about – i.e. a phone interview with the man who owns the tree that Daryl Hannah was removed from.

Patriotism was front and center with the first guest, Ilario Patano, the author of “Warlord.” Mr. Patano is a former US Marine who, after a military hearing, was exonerated from the charge of executing two Iraq soldiers during a raid in Anbar Province.

He described the difficulties of searching for the two missing American soldiers in an area that it still far from stable. Kasich then referenced Patano’s experience of being accused for something that he was exonerated of. Patano said that it was not easy; but he did not elaborate. Kasich then asked Patano about his reaction to the debate in Congress about our commitment in Iraq - to which Patano replied that while he realized debate was necessary, some of the things, said during the debate, were “disgusting and hurting the troops.”

(Comment: up until that point, Mr. Patano seemed objective. The last comment, however, served to reinforce Fox’s message that those who don’t support Iraq are “hurting the troops.” The other message, though subtle, was that if this soldier was exonerated for murder, then the soldiers involved with Haditha are more likely innocent, too.)

My suspicions were affirmed when I came across Michelle Malkin’s endorsement of Mr. Patano’s book. She recommended that it be given to your “local troop trashing columnist or cartoonist” and mentioned that his experience reminded her of the Haditha “debacle.” Now according to Ann Coulter, isn’t Mr. Patano exploiting his personal tragedy for personal gain? As a soldier isn’t he what Coulter refers to as a “human shield?”

Kasich later interviewed Fox’s resident political guru, Larry Sabato, about the flag burning amendment. Sabato explained that this will not be an easy process because even arch conservatives, like Senator Mitch McConnell, feel that it is a violation of free speech. He also noted that issues like gay marriage and flag burning are issues that serve to galvanize the republican base.

Kasich , who believes in “one man and one woman,” just “couldn’t understand” why people would oppose such “core issues.” While he made the statement that he felt that Americans will protect the flag from desecration, there was film footage of an American flag being burned by an angry crowd in what appeared to be the Middle East. He ended the segment with the comment that if we can’t blow up mailboxes or write on money (guess he’s never seen bills with moustaches on the faces and phone numbers), then we shouldn’t be allowed to burn the flag.

(Comment: can’t argue with that “logic!?!?”)

And now for Noah’s Ark. Kasich interviewed Bob Cornuke, who, as described by Kasich, is a “real life Indiana Jones” who might have discovered Noah’s Ark in Iran . Cornucke talked about how he has discovered petrified wood on an Iranian mountainside along with ocean fossils. Kasich was obviously in awe and didn’t ask him any hard questions about the research being corroborated by mainstream scientific sources. At the conclusion of the interview, he thanked “Dr” Cornuke.

(Comment: Speculative “science” is fun. The Discovery and History channels have a plethora of programs on Templars, Grails, and biblical archeology. However, a little truth in advertising might have been in order here as Mr. Cornuke has close ties to the religious right who believe that sound science is secondary to the literal truth of the Bible. His work has been debunked by other scholars. Wikipedia has this information, which includes mention that Cornuke’s doctorate is from an unaccredited bible school. President Bush recently bemoaned the fact that the US lacks science and math proficiency. With “scholars” like Cornuke, being held to no scrutiny by Fox, it’s no wonder we’re being “left behind.”)


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