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In Tandem With Karl Rove, FOX News Blames Democrats For Problems In Iraq

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2006

Terry Pennington returned to Hannity & Colmes last night (6/16/06), ostensibly to talk about the detention of his Marine son in Camp Pendleton after allegedly killing an Iraqi civilian. But Pennington's real appeal soon became clear – to blame Congresman Murtha for his son’s detention and praise Sean Hannity and Dick Cheney for helping. What a coincidence that all this should happen just days after Karl Rove urged Republicans to use Iraq against the Democrats.

Alan Colmes was disappointingly muted in his advocacy for Murtha. As he did during Pennington’s first appearance, Colmes was the one who brought up Murtha. “You said when you were on the show the other day, there was political pressure that caused this to happen. You don’t think for a second that Hagey (sp?) and you mentioned Murtha or Natansky (sp?) listened to Jack Murtha or anybody else in politics and make their decisions based on what a politician says?”

“I do believe that. I believe that’s exactly what happened,” was Pennington’s unsurprising answer given that it’s more or less what he said the last time. Then he took that opening and ran with it. “Political pressure from the anti-war forces in this country are causing them to behave in very strange ways. You would not have seen a MacArthur or a Patton yield to this kind of pressure.”

Oops, Colmes’ time was up, so no rebuttal was given against the attack on Democrats.

Then it was time for Hannity to pile on the attacks just before he lied about Haditha. “I believe this hypersensitivity (to arrest soldiers willy-nilly, as Hannity would have you believe) sir, that we’re now experiencing, and the military’s experiencing, in part is fueled by people like John Murtha who accused the marines of killing innocent civilians in cold blood before the investigation’s even complete (Hannity started to chop the air with his hand) or John Kerry calling our troops terrorists, terrorizing women and children in the dark of night.”

Pennington agreed and nobody mentioned that Hannity had just lied about what Kerry said. Kerry never called our troops terrorists (H/T Media Matters). But Hannity frequently has trouble telling the truth and making his argument at the same time.

In an Orwellian twist, Pennington turned war heroes Kerry and Murtha into anti-military traitors. “All of these people that are preaching this kind of hate of our military and are speaking badly of our heroes in this way are making us as families, the proud families of the few Marines, extraordinarily angry.”

Hannity murmured his agreement. Then he lied about Haditha. “What do you know about the set of circumstances? We know more about the Haditha incident. We know there was an IED explosion, a Marine was split in two, and there was gun fire and these guys were defending themselves.”

Funny how NOW Hannity didn’t feel the need to wait for the investigation was complete. Also, Hannity persistently ignores the fact that FOX News, itself, reported that Murtha was “coming from a position of knowledge” when he said there was no gunfight.

Comment: The Republican Swift Boaters are back, only this time they’re smearing veterans about Iraq.

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