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Who Knew A “Last Throe” Could Last So Long?

Reported by Ellen - June 16, 2006

Despite the fact that it’s been more than a year since Dick Cheney said the insurgency is in its “last throes,” he kept insisting last night on Hannity & Colmes that we are making great progress in Iraq. Things are going so well, it seems, that Cheney didn’t see the need to spend much time talking about the particulars. Instead, he and Sean Hannity spent more time attacking Democrats, leaving one with the impression that they – not our battle plans, not the sufficiency of the Iraqi forces and certainly not the insurgency– are the most important element in our war effort.

The interview was an excerpt of one that aired earlier in the day on Hannity’s radio show and included no input from Alan Colmes. Nor was there any follow-up rebuttal from a Democrat in response to Cheney’s and Hannity’s attacks. I’m sure it was no coincidence that the interview was held and aired the same day as the bogus votes in Congress on the war.

Cheney told Hannity, “The way we win is when they finally become convinced – the terrorists finally become convinced that we won’t quit, that what they’re betting on is – obviously not that they can defeat us because they can’t – but that they can wear down our will…”

Of course, he meant that they could wear down the Democrats’ will because on FOX News, every Republican is resolute and firm.

Hannity was quick to make that point. “Can’t an argument be made, Mr. Vice President, that in fact they have worn down the will of some people in this country, some people – I don’t know if you heard the comments, for example, of John Kerry – this was at the Take Back America conference that they had just earlier this week.” Hannity played a clip of Kerry saying “We were misled. We were given evidence that was not true. It was wrong and I was wrong.”

Instead of defending the evidence, Cheney took Hannity's cue and attacked Kerry. “I guess I’m not surprised at John Kerry switching his position yet again… He saw the same intelligence all the rest of us saw… This is hard stuff. It’s very difficult to do what we’re trying to do here, but we are getting it done… We’re making significant progress.”

Not only did Kerry NOT have access to the same intelligence, Cheney knew that full well, as Media Matters has documented.

Hannity, of course, never questioned Cheney’s assertion. On FOX News, Republicans never lie.

And Democrats (except Joe Lieberman) are always wrong. Hannity continued by trying to make Democrats look like self-absorbed wimps who just don’t feel like fighting right now. “I guess the distinct difference (between Democrats and Republicans), is that you and the president – and frankly, I agree with you – have decided that the time is now and the place is Iraq. I ask most people on the other side of the aisle, when I interview ‘em or debate with them, well, do you believe at some point we are gonna be at war with those people that have attacked us, that want to destroy our society? They say yes – they just disagree with the time and the place, no?”

“I think that’s right, Sean,” Cheney agreed. “The distinction I see here is that there’s a failure on their part to understand or a refusal to understand that this isn’t just about Iraq. That it’s in fact is about the broader global war on terror, that this is a global conflict that everybody should be aware of by now. There’ve been attacks all over the world – in London, in Madrid, in Bali and Istanbul, as well as New York and Washington – that the key to our success to date has been to actively and aggressively go on offense.”

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