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Who Gives a Rip What Juliet Huddy Thinks?

Reported by Judy - June 15, 2006

Juliet Huddy, who claims to have a degree from the University of Missouri, which has a fine journalism school, must have slept through any journalism classes she may have taken there. At least, she dozed through the parts when they discussed quaint concepts of "objectivity."

That's the conclusion a viewer is led to after watching her performance on Thursday (June 15, 2006) on "Dayside."
Huddy readily offered her own opinion during segments

During a segment on a lawsuit over 9-1-1 operators' failure to dispatch an ambulance after a 5-year-old boy called to say his mother had collapsed, Huddy read a statement from the operators' union which said the operators could not hear the boy clearly because of antiquated head sets. "That is a bunch of bull," Huddy said.

Later in the show, Huddy was doing a segment on a Lincoln Park, Michigan, Muslim woman who had a lifetime membership in a fitness center which had a 50-year-old policy of separate exercise areas for men and women -- something important to her because as a Muslim, she is required to keep her body covered in public. When the fitness center reneged on the policy, she negotiated with it until it agreed to put up a partitian so that she and other Muslim women who had joined the center expressly because of its separation policy could continue to exercise.

Again, Huddy felt compelled to offer her opinion: "Personally, I don’t think it should be pushed on organizations or corporations. If they want to do it, fine."

Huddy seemed clueless about what the segment was about. This was not a case of Muslim women suing the business or trying to get a law passed to force businesses to do anything. It was a case of customers who had a contract with a business negotiating with the business to live up to its past practices, which it agreed to do. Huddy and co-host Mike Jerrick did their best to stir up the audience into righteous indignation over the failure of these outsiders to "assimilate."

As one audience member (do I have to tell you it was a white male?) said, "I think it should be a business decision. We live in the United States of America and we make our own rules."

Hey, moron, it WAS a business decision. The business decided it wanted to keep the business of its Muslim women customers so it accommodated them so they could keep coming to the gym.

Nearly every day, Huddy flatly states her own opinion in at least one segment of the show -- taking up time that would be better spent giving details about the story she is allegedly reporting. She never mentioned that the 9-1-1 case in Thursday's segment occurred in Detroit, for example.

Such details don't matter to Huddy. What's important to Huddy is letting everybody know HER opinion. Furthermore, her opinions help guide the audience so that it knows what attitudes are acceptable when they ask questions so that the Fox News viewpoint is reinforced by appropriate audience comments and applause.

With behavior like this, Huddy is sealing her fate as a journalist. She has no future outside of Fox News, so she had better get used to her role as the giggling object of Jerrick's sexual innuendoes.

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