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Far-right O'Reilly smears progressives - again

Reported by Chrish - June 15, 2006

Here's a sampling of comments made by the big BORe on his "fair and balanced" "news" show tonight 6/15/06:

First, from the "Most ridiculous item":

"The delinquents over at the Jon Stewart program ..."

"Now, there is no truth to the rumor that Che — I mean, Jon Stewart — is brutally tortured by far-left elements and forced to say the things he does...."

and from his Talking Points Memo:

"This week in DC the far-left group "Campaign for America's Future..."

"...that's how radical this "Future" group is."

"...the crazy left Air-America radio ...they don't come any nuttier than Air-America..."

(still referring to Air America) - "radicalism", "those kinds of people"

"The 'Take Back America ' group is full of Bush-haters and people who routinely reject all but far-left thought"

and, (repeat after Bill) "far-left haters."

He went on to a segment painting MoveOn.org, George Soros, the Tides Foundation, and the Ford Foundation as supporters of "radical" "far-left" ideology. For the record, the Ford Foundation website states its mission to

" Strengthen democratic values,
Reduce poverty and injustice,
Promote international cooperation and
Advance human achievement"

and the Tides Foundation, those scoundrels,
"work(s) with donors committed to positive social change. We put resources and people together--strengthening community-based nonprofit organizations and the progressive movement through innovative grantmaking.

We define "progressive" as creating a positive impact on people's lives in ways that honor and promote human rights, justice, and a healthy, sustainable environment. "

MoveOn.org (of which I am a proud member) is a coordinated effort that brings together millions of like-minded citizens who support progressive, compassionate, just, fiscally responsible policies. The democratic principles that guide MoveOn make the dictatorial-minded "Strict fathers" furious. We "far-left radicals" just settled, by voting, on these priorities: Health care for all, Energy independence through clean, renewable sources, and Democracy restored (which combines the issues of "Restored constitutional rights" and "verifiable, accurate elections".) Aren't we the horrible bunch1

This intro was backed by a graphic of the Democratic donkey and lots of green dollar signs, titled "Far-left machine?" As we know from Cavuto's show, the question mark is a mere CYA formality.

Comment: How the hell can Bill O'Reilly claim to be looking out for the folks and then mock the above organizations and their stated priorities? His tiny sliver of paranoid Americans may be terrified of gay marriage, hot teachers, and flag burners, but the rest of us "real folks" want these issues addressed, and competently. We are NOT far-left, radical, or fringe - au contraire, we are moderates, and it is O'Reilly and his flock who are radically out of synch.

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