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Why Did a Senior VP at Fox News Meet with the Government of Iran?

Reported by Melanie - June 14, 2006

Neil Cavuto opened Your World today (June 14, 2006) with this teaser:

Thank you Shep. Now, I know you just talked to our own John Moody on that potentially stunning overture from Iran to the U.S. Now, reaction from National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley. What does he make of Iran offering to help us in Iraq? And, what does former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu make of all this? He's here. We'll ask him.

What? I couldn't wait to hear more.

Five or six minutes later, signing off before a break, Cavuto said that coming up, we'd hear more about that "shocking offer of help from the Iranians."

That didn't tell me much.

Several minutes later, while introducing Netanyahu, Cavuto said,

Well, Iran wants to help us on Iraq. That was the news, the breaking story our own Editorial Senior Vice President John Moody was able to glean from top Iranian officials with whom he was chatting. Reaction now from...

With whom Moody "was chatting"? Where? When? About what?

Cavuto didn't reveal anything more during his interview with Netanhyu. When he introduced Hadley, he said:

I don't know if you had a chance to listen to the Prime Minister saying don't trust this overture that was expressed to our own John Moody from the Iranians that maybe they could help us with Iraq. What did you think of that?

Again, nothing.

Several minutes later I heard John Gibson say that the overture was made during a "meeting with Fox News yesterday."

Still curious (no thanks to Cavuto's crack reporting) about why Fox was in Tehran, I checked Fox's website and found this video of an interview Shepard Smith did with John Moody (as Donna noted) in the hour before Cavuto. Moody said Fox was in Tehran "trying to figure out the best way to report from Iran."

Comment: Both Netanhyu and Hadley shot down the idea of taking Iran up on any offers of help with Iraq, of course, but Fox is sure loving this scoop and the fact that Iran made the "stunning overture" to one of its own. Instead of reporting the news, it used the occasion to become the news. Not only that, but what the hey is Iran doing making "stunning overtures" to the U.S. government via Fox News?! Does the world now see Fox News as an arm of the Bush administration? If so, they've got it right.

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