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Why Is Ann Coulter Being Treated Like A Serious Pundit?

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2006

Suspected committer of voting-fraud, possible tax cheat, likely substance abuser and plagiarist Ann Coulter was a guest for another double-session of "Let's Pretend Ann Coulter Is A Serious Pundit" on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/12/06) to “answer her critics” for the disgusting remarks she made about 9/11 widows (which I will not dignify with repeating but you can find them via a site search). Glassy-eyed and wearing more eye make-up than a hooker, Coulter giggled giddily throughout the discussion. And why shouldn’t she? Instead of putting her lack of ethics, her many-documented lies, her hate-for-profit schemes front and center, the issue became whether or not her books should be banned and whether she has been unfairly criticized.

Sean Hannity immediately moved to change the subject away from Coulter by asking the other guest, New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Panter about the political statements of Cindy Sheehan and the 9/11 widows. “Is it right when people enter the political arena, that they get questioned?”

I almost screamed at my television as Panter ignored the fact that Coulter didn’t “question” the 9/11 widows, she slandered them. Instead he responded that he wasn't there to talk about Sheehan. Panter glibly parried Hannity's bullying but never confronted the real issue - that Coulter is a shameless harpie with serious ethical challenges. Consequently, he spent most of the time fighting verbal duels with Sean Hannity about whether or not criticizing Cindy Sheehan was fair game while Coulter giggled and flicked her blonde hair endlessly around her head.

Sadly, Alan Colmes also treated Coulter as though she raised some real issues. “Here’s the problem, Ann. The people who criticize Cindy Sheehan for the things she said, refrain from criticizing you for the things you say.”

“Who’s refraining from criticizing me?” Coulter giggled uproariously and her words sounded a little slurred but I couldn’t say for sure she was high. Unlike her “boom box” interview of several months ago, she was at least reasonably coherent.

The discussion continued over two segments. Coulter made some kind of ludicrous comparison of Panter to the 9/11 widows. She said she preferred (or was it that she didn’t prefer? Who cares?) “These Jersey Girls exploiting their husbands’ death to promote positions, um, for the DNC than politicians exploiting my book to get themselves on TV.”

Even then, she was treated as though she were saying something worth considering. Colmes answered that the show had invited Panter, he had not tried to get himself on TV. Panter said there’s no evidence that the Jersey Girls sat around waiting for their husbands to die in order to get on TV.

Nobody was willing to admit that the empress not only had no clothes, she's a fradulent empress to begin with.

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