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Kasich’s Christian Family Hour Includes Ann Coulter - Go Figure!

Reported by Deborah - June 11, 2006

In previewing his “big story” on last night’s Heartland, Kasich showed a picture of Ann Coulter with the accompanying chyron, “Coulter fights back.” He then said that Heartland “brings no nonsense Mid-West sensibilities to important stories facing all Americans.” (Comment: like the 2004 Ohio voting mess, the draconian South Dakota abortion law, and creationism) 6/10/06

Christianity seemed to be a theme; and in keeping with that theme, Kasich’s first guest was Kirk Cameron, a former TV actor (Growing Pains) now turned “youth minister.” Cameron, is upset that the movie Fighting Giants, a Christian themed movie about a football coach whose Christian beliefs inspire him and his team, has a PG rating. Kirk, who has his own Christian website, The Way of the Master, and leads Christian youth rallies called Kingdom Bound, feels that the PG was done because Hollywood does not want to offend non-believers and that the PG puts the movie on a par with movies containing sex and violence. Cameron went on about Christianity and Kasich, of course, agreed with him and said “people get nervous about Christianity as they see it as a big finger pointing at them but they should really check it out.” He then added that in today’s society, “we busy ourselves in materialism, but we can’t take it with us.” (Comment: then the top 1% don’t need their tax cut?)

The nest segment was about “Faith Night” which is some kind of revival meeting (it was never really explained) being done at some baseball and football games in the south and whose promoters hope to expand to a national venue. The spokesperson, Brent High, said it is like a combination of vacation Bible school and sports and it is done apart from the game (again no explanation of the format but it better not be a part of the game because the fans might get a little testy).

And now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for - Ann Coulter – who, with this appearance, has scored a Fox trifecta (Hannity, O’Reilly, and Kasich). Ann wore her perfunctory cross and seemed quite focused. Kasich lead off the segment by showing Senator Hillary Clinton’s quote, about Ann’s statements, contained in an article in the NY Times. He then told Ann that she was “getting hammered” to which Coulter responded, “I hope you read the book” and “I have no regrets.” Kasich then told Ann that his wife said that Ann “can be right; but she can be mean.” After again stating that people “should read the book,” Coulter added that she’s being called “heartless and mean” and she doesn’t “know why her words have to be twisted.” (Comment: Excuse me, the words stand for themselves and don’t need any spin). She then stated that she wasn’t attacking all 9-11 widows just four women widows who are attacking Bush and Condoleeza Rice and defending Clinton. (Comment: according to Coulter, dissent is not allowed in a democracy). When Kasich said that she was questioning the motives of these women, she responded that she said nothing about how they “feel.” (Comment: excuse me, she said that these women were “enjoying their husband’s deaths.”) Then, playing the victim, Ann whined that she is the “one who is being questioned and described by others.” (Comment: pot meet kettle)

Kasich then read two e-mails from viewers – one positive and one negative. The person who was critical stated that Ann defends her statements with the excuses that we are at war and that liberals make similar statements. The e-mail ended with the question, “how can you justify speaking evil in the name of good?” Ann responded that criticisms of Bush should be made by liberals who don’t have a “perceived agenda” and who do not “speak from personal tragedy” because the liberals are sending out spokespersons who are “insulated from criticism.” (Comment: Ann thinks every liberal has a “perceived agenda”) She then said, with a straight face, “Let Howard Dean make the point.” (Comment: Dean is the anti-Christ to conservatives. And interestingly, Coulter does not criticize right wing 9-11 victim spokesperson Debra Burlingame, whose brother was one of the American pilots, as Burlingame is very pro-Bush)

Kasich ended the segment by stating that Coulter’s message gets “drowned out because of the tone.” She replied he won’t “call her mean” after he reads the book. Kasich said that Coulter needs to “think about” what she says and that we need to take the “vitriol” out of the discussion. Coulter coyly responded by saying “you call me mean and ask me to think about it. We’ve gotta get rid of that in political discourse.” Ann, ever the good Christian, said, “how about nobody calling each other mean” to which Kasich responded, “that’s the key to political dialogue.” (Comment: Ann needs to “practice what she preaches”)

Comment: Instead of arguing the “meanness” of Coulter (and she is that), Kasich should have had a list of quotes from the book and asked her to defend them. Using actual quotes is a technique used by real journalists such as Tim Russert on Meet the Press – but Fox is not real journalism. While Kasich made some valid points, he got sidetracked on the “meanness” and did not address Coulter’s other insults and lies that have been excerpted on numerous sites. Once again, Coulter escapes real journalistic scrutiny.

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