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Suspected Felon And Substance Abuser Ann Coulter Gets A Third Night Of Republican Rehab From “Criminals R Us” FOX News

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2006

Are you the subject of a criminal investigation? Is there a skeleton in your closet? Just spout a few Republican talking points, attack Democrats whenever possible and you, too, can be rehabilitated as a FOX News pundit. You may not only get paid, as convicted felon (overturned on a technicality) and FOX News host Oliver North does, you might get three nights of prime-time publicity for your new book, as suspected felon and likely substance abuser Ann Coulter has gotten this week on Hannity & Colmes. There are probably countless more hours of rehab PR for her to come.

Last night (6/8/06), Coulter got her third in a row double-segment to “answer her critics” over the poisonous comments (described as “criticism” during the intro by Alan Colmes) she made about the 9/11 widows. I won’t dignify any of her remarks by repeating them but you can find them by searching this website.

As I have previously written, I don’t think Coulter merits a “debate” but a confrontation. While Alan Colmes confronted her to some degree (calling her shameless at one point), he and Democratic "strategist" Laura Schwarz debated Coulter as though her irrational statements were worthy of consideration and had not been uttered for the sole purpose of sensationalized attention.

Even worse, Schwarz (whom I have previously described as another of those nice, likeable but chronically inept Democratic spokespersons of which FOX has an inexhaustible supply) allowed Sean Hannity to change the subject away from Coulter’s venom and into a discussion about liberal critics of George Bush. In no time at all, Hannity had equated Coulter’s criticism with Cindy Sheehan’s and Schwarz was playing defense instead of insisting that the spotlight remain on Coulter’s outlandishness, her incessant desire to be in the spotlight, her meanness-for-profit… One could go on and on about her vulnerabilities and what that says about FOX News partnering up with her but even when Schwarz had the chance, she couldn’t seem to think of anything to say other than objecting to the substance of Coulter’s remarks.

Meanwhile, just two nights before, Coulter made a statement – on that very program – which sounded very much like an admission that she had committed voter and tax fraud in the state of Florida where she is currently being investigated for the third degree felony of knowingly voting in the wrong district and where she may have illegally claimed a homestead exemption as well. In response to Colmes’ question about the voter fraud investigation, Coulter had said, “I live in New York.”

You’d think that would be big news or at least worth discussing in a subsequent interview, especially with someone like Coulter who prides herself on being “controversial.” But some controversies are off the table on FOX News. Funny how the off-the-table ones always seem to involve Republicans.

Also swept under the rug by the “We report, you decide” network was Coulter’s embarrassing and incoherent interview which included the reply, “Boom box… Boombox,” when Colmes asked her to relate what happened during a speech she had cut short due to heckling. Can you imagine if Sheehan, John Kerry, John Murtha or any other Democrat had acted high as a kite on Hannity & Colmes? Something tells me it would not have been so readily forgotten. Comment: Colmes DID, however, ask an interesting “hypothetical” of Coulter, “If I were to interview you, Ann, how do I know you weren’t just doing drugs in the green room?” That was related to one of Coulter’s comments in her book asking how do we know that the 9/11 widows weren’t on the verge of a divorce. As Coulter’s rabbity eyes flitted incessantly around the room every time she talked, it seemed quite possible that Colmes’ question contained a lot of truth.

Last night’s H&C had two other guests with criminal backgrounds: the above-mentioned Oliver North and disgraced former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik who is the subject of a grand jury investigation into corruption and mob ties. No questions were asked of Kerik about HIS legal problems, either. Can there be any doubt that if charges are filed against him, he’ll be a much more frequent guest?

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