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In Memory of an Unnamed Child, Killed on Wednesday

Reported by Marie Therese - June 9, 2006

At 6:07 AM EDT, June 8, 2006 early in the reporting about the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,FOX & Friends host Brian Kilmeade said "I think the American people needed this, 'cause we've been riding the wave of beheadings and bombings and suiciders and it's weighing on us and I see everyone exhaling today and a lot of sarcasm in the email saying 'Well, we've got to find out if there's any innocent people in the safe house that were killed along with them that'll be the headlines in the New York Times tomorrow.'"

At 8:34 AM E. D. Hill, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and former Coalition spokesman and FOX News Contributor Dan Senor had the following exchange:

EDITH ANN "E.D." HILL: I don't want to sound sarcastic, but we're watching video right now and I'm struck by how often we see items of women and children in houses where we bomb terrorists. And you saw the guys holding up baby booties and a ...

STEVE DOOCY (sarcastically): Teddy bear.

HILL: ... child's shirt and a teddy bear, a rabbit or something. Tell us from your insight how much of this is accurate? How much of the time do you see people come in and plant stuff?

SENOR: It, sadly - it's a classic tactic of the terrorists - of islamist terrorists - extreme radical islamic terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere in the region. They actually use homes, shelters, safe houses that belong to women and children. Their view is that they will be least likely to be suspected in those homes and that American forces in our case will be less inclined, if we believe - if we have an intelligence tip that someone, a target, is there, we will be less inclined to target it, if, in fact, it is home to women and children. This is by the way - I've been in meetings where generals are debating this all the time. They have information about where a target is, an important target. Capturing and killing that target will result in a reduction of death and destruction, of violence ...

DOOCY: Sure.


SENOR: ... but doing so may run the risk of taking - bombing a home where there are women and children.


SENOR: And that is a cons - it's a moral dilemma and it's very difficult to resolve.

At 8:44 AM EDT during the Coalition News Conference Major General William Caldwell gave the following answer to a reporter who asked if the four unidentified bodies were adult males:

CALDWELL: "No. There's - there's a woman in the group and a younger person, a child."

When asked how old the child was, Caldwell said: "I have absolutely no idea."


I need no name but the one written in the heart of Allah.

There is no god but Allah.

"La illahah illah 'lla"

And Mohammed is his Prophet.

"Wah Mohammadan rasulu 'llah"

But who will bury me facing Mecca?

NOTE: By Friday, June 9 th, Gen. Caldwell had retracted his statements regarding a child being killed in the attack.

I am leaving the post as it is because (a) nothing in it was inaccurate for the date and time it was posted and (b) it may foster discussion of the larger issue of the death of innocents (collateral damage) in a war zone. - MT

FUTHER NOTE: Apparently Gen. Caldwell was telling the truth in his first press conference and lying in his second press conference.

According to the June 10, 2006 edition of The New York Times, there was indeed a young girl killed in the raid, between the ages of 5 and 6.

"At a briefing in Baghdad on Saturday, the American command's chief spokesman, Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, reversed an earlier announcement he had made and confirmed that one of the dead was a small girl, age 5 or 6.

"The general said three of the victims were men, including Mr. Zarqawi, and two were women. The general said he had no information to confirm or deny Iraqi news reports that had suggested that one of the women was Mr. Zarqawi's wife, and the girl his child."

I still don't know the child's name, but she died an awful death, burned to a cinder, in an air raid that raises more questions than the military has answered to date.

MT June 12, 2006 12:08 PM EDT

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